What is a good candida antifungal? What makes a good candida supplement?

I’d like to answer a question today that was given to me not that long ago on the internet by a patient in America, and that question was what makes a good anti-fungal? What are some of the key things behind the anti-fungal? How should I select an anti-fungal for yeast infection?

I’m going to answer that question right now. I believe that there are six different criteria that I carefully look at when it comes to anti-fungals, and that’s why I helped formulate my own product because I really don’t believe that any of the other products that I’ve used in my clinic fulfill all these six criteria that I’m going to outline to you today.

So the first one is that the product should only use proven and highly effective anti-fungal ingredients, whether they be herbal medicines or nutrients. They’ve got to be proven. They’ve got to be clinically highly effective. So lots of people buy anti-fungals, but they work partially or they don’t work at all. And the problem with a lot of these products is they’re not born out of clinical experience. Patients will often buy these products and take them and get mediocre results or poor results or major die off because of the incorrect formulations.

Practitioners will often use formulations and switch from one to another. Most practitioners don’t specialize in yeast infections like I do, so they don’t tend to use a whole wide range of different anti-fungals. I’ve used hundreds of different anti-fungals from different countries, German ones, Swiss ones, American ones, Australian ones, and New Zealand ones. I’ve tried herbal medicines from all over the world. I’ve tried all sorts of things and I’ve worked out that there are combinations that work very well and there are combinations that work very poorly.

Criteria number two. The highest quality need to be used only. So when you’re using a product, you’ve got to make sure that the raw materials you’re using are of very high quality. They have to be verified. These sorts of herbs need to go to a lab that will actually assay these products and maybe do some particular type of testing or what we call “fingerprint testing” to make sure that what the people claim is the herb actually is the herb. Because sometimes it’s not all. It can be a completely different bogus kind of a thing. So what you’re seeing is not necessarily what you’re getting. And this happens quite a lot in the herbal medicine industry.

The third criteria is the product needs to use standardized ingredients. So by standardized meaning that every time you take a tablet or a capsule that you know that what you’re taking is what it says on the label. It’s a strong product. It’s going to be effective. If you look at Canxida, for example, the product I helped to develop, the garlic contains 2 percent allicin, so every time you take a tablet, you know you’re getting a set amount of the active ingredient from the garlic in that tablet. The grapefruit seed extract contains 45 percent flavonoids guaranteed. Some grapefruit seed extracts on the market are not standardized, so you don’t really know what you’re getting. You could be getting something weak or strong or it could be all over the place.

Pau d’arco, an anti-fungal herb from South America, is in a 4 to 1 base, which means it’s standardized to contain quite a high concentration of active ingredients. Most of these things are 1 to 1, so [unclear 00:03:30] of about a quarter of the potency than what you’re getting here with Canxida. So the Pau d’arco, the black walnut extract, the Neem and the clove extract in this formula are all in a 4 to 1 base, so they’re all guaranteed to be strong and potent.

The Berberine. Berberine is what we call an alkaloid. It’s a particular chemical found in herbs like Goldenseal and various other plants. Berberis vulgaris, for example, will contain Berberine. Berberine is a naturopath’s antibiotic, so this is a good chemical extracted from an herb, which has a very powerful antibiotic effect on many bacteria. It’s probably more antibacterial than anti-fungal. It’s particularly good for throat and digestive yeast infections. It’s going to work quite well on that, so it’s standardized again, 85 percent standardized of Betaine, so it’s going to work well.

Sustained release is another one which I want you to bear in mind. When you take a tablet or a product containing all these ingredients, there’s no point in the digestive system working on it very quickly giving you quite a strong activity and then low activity. This can also mean that you’re more prone to getting a die off or a Herxheimer reaction. As far as I know, Canxida is the only anti-fungal on the market that is sustained release. It’s crazy that the other manufacturers don’t do that. Sustained release means you’re going to get more of a killing power over a two- to three-hour window rather than “bang!” This is why I designed the product like this. High quality, standardized ingredients, sustained release, balanced formula.

That’s the other criteria. Balanced formula meaning that all the ingredients are very carefully balanced with each other. I haven’t put too much garlic in there because garlic can be a little bit overwhelming for people. The grapefruit seed extract is in a smaller amount because it’s strong. You don’t need a lot in there. The Pau d’arco is a little bit higher amount, so I’ve carefully balanced all of these ingredients to work out what I believe to be the perfect anti-fungal.

And the sixth criteria is it’s well tolerated. This formula has been used now on thousands of patients worldwide. We’ve had very, very minimal feedback on die off and severe headaches and vomiting and diarrhea. We hardly ever get that feedback. Out of all the containers we’ve sold, we’ve had one returned, which shows you how darn good this product really is.

It took me six months to formulate this product, a long time to access the standardized ingredients, so I think you’re going to be very happy with it. So do give Canxida a go.

And those are the six reasons or criteria of what makes a good anti-fungal product.

Thank you.

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