What can I do about candida die off?

Hi there, Eric Bakker. Here’s a question from a man called Tom Lewis in Florida.

Tom asks me. Eric, what should I do about Candida die off? What can I do to stop feeling terrible?

That’s a good question, Tom. This is a question I hear many patients tell me; also many practitioners are concerned about the levels of die off that they experience with their patients. Die off is generally when bacteria die and cell wall fragments are released into the bloodstream and also the immune system can attack Candida and also the metabolizer the Candida produce. This can come about also through weakened immune response and can make the person feel very washed out and wasted, and some people can aggravate from mild up to severe and debilitating where they can be bedridden for days on end. It’s particularly nasty to have a die off. And this is again another reason why I don’t like people to talk about killing and eradicating and wiping out Candida with all these very powerful types of drugs.

Nystatin, I’ve written extensively about Nystatin in my book, Candida Crusher, about the side effects from Nystatin. They can be quite devastating for many people. If you are a sensitive person, if you know you’re sensitive and you react to things, then be careful; use common sense and don’t take strong things and go very slowly when you start taking supplements, whether they are antifungals or probiotics or enzymes, go very slowly to start with. You can avoid most aggravations and most die off. Even if you’re a strong person like me, go easy into treatment. Step it up over time. Don’t go all hell bent and straight into it. You’re going to get a problem.

Second thing is, don’t undertake anything new like skydiving or bungee jumping or go-kart racing or go on a 20-mile hike or do things like that or start a gym membership when you’re trying to treat yourself with a yeast infection. Take some time out and rest up a bit. That’s good advice. So give yourself plenty of time to recover and ease yourself into treatment.

Those are two good things that are going to help you avoid aggravation to a large degree.

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So I hope that answers your question there. Thank you.

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