What are the signs that my thrush is gone and treated?

Thank you for checking out this video. How do you know when thrush is gone? How do you know when you haven’t got a woman’s yeast infection anymore? What are some of the key indications?

Of course, one of the main indications for knowing that the symptom is gone is not having the itching and the irritation in the private region. That is a key indication. But sometimes it could be a problem in not knowing whether it’s one thing or the other.

Many women find that pre-menstrual they tend to get more of a problem than any other time in their cycle. It could be mid-cycle or at ovulation, but often it will be two or three days before the period and sometimes being a real problem just the day before.

I find it takes between three to six cycles of treatment with a pre- and post-menstrual treatment to really get a handle on this problem, particularly if the diet has been done properly, if you’re taking a good antifungal and you’re doing a good thing with the diet and you’re treating it locally.

Chapter 5 in my book, Candida Crusher, explains all about vaginal treatment and eradication of yeast infections. You can also read more on yeastinfection.org.

A key thing you’re going to find is the irritation will be gone. The itching will be gone. Any discharge will be gone. You’ll be getting a normal discharge.

All those sort of things will be gone. Be careful to distinguish between bacterial vaginosis and Candida. Those are two separate types of conditions. But you can read more about that on my site, too.

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