Using CanXida Products: How To Use CanXida Supplements

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. I’m the author of a book called Candida Crusher and I’m also the formulator of a range of products called Canxida. Thanks for checking out my video. I’ve got an email here and I’ve got many emails, many, many, many emails. In fact, I’ve got about 130 emails from people just in the last few weeks asking me the same kind of questions, so that’s why I’m going to do this video today to really cover the replies to these questions I’m getting from people consistently. The questions are mainly revolving around the Canxida products, which I’ve made and are available online. That’s Canxida with an “x”.

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These products were created basically after many, many years of seeing patients and struggling with trying to find something that really had a great effect consistently on people time and again after using many different products. You can read more about the Canxida story on or you can also check out some of my videos on this Candida Crusher YouTube channel. There will be other videos on Canxida as well.

The primary thing I’m going to address with this video is the questions, “When do I take Canxida Remove? When do I take Canxida Restore? Can I take them together or should I take them apart? How long should I take them apart? Can I take them with food? Can I take them before food? Can I take them after food?” Lots of different questions here. There is another question here from somebody. “I have an allergy against black walnuts. Is it still okay to use the Canxida Remove?” Let’s cover some of these things now in detail and give you a good explanation on the Canxida range and the best way to take these products.

We’ll start off with the Canxida Remove. Canxida Remove has been just recently reformulated, so the brand new formula available also contains oregano oil. I challenge you people out there to find a better anti-fungal/anti-bacterial/anti-parasite product than Canxida Remove. I don’t think you’re going to find something as comprehensive as this or made quite in the same way. There are different little tips and tricks I’m going to explain to you now on how to get the best out of this product.

I’ve learned over the years that there are different sensitivities of people. Some people are normal, don’t super react to products. They can take products. Other people react reasonably strongly and other people super react. For the super reactors, if you know you’re reacting to everything your take. If you know you’ve got multiple food allergies and you can only eat maybe about five or six foods and you react to vitamins, you react to paracetamol or you react to Advil. You react to everything. You react to your mother-in-law, in fact, you know what I mean. You react to everything. Then you need to start with the smallest possible dose with Canxida Remove. We’re not talking normal people.

We’re talking super reactive people. You would start by cutting the tablet maybe in four or five pieces even. You can buy at Wal-Mart or Costco a tablet cutter. Tablet cutters are quite handy because you can even take small slices of a tablet. If you’re in doubt and you know you react to things, start with a very small dose. And then always start with food. Don’t ever start a supplement away from food if you super react. Take it with food.

If you find that when you take a small amount and you don’t react as violently as you thought you would, then you can probably double that dose. You would take a small dose for three days. And then after three days, you would take a small dose twice a day, etc., until you can actually take perhaps half a tablet or a whole tablet. That only really covers maybe five percent of people. Five to eight percent, not even at quite ten percent.

A smaller group of people who react are the sensitive people. They’re not super sensitive, but they’re sensitive. In your case, you would simply break a Canxida Remove tablet in half and take it in the middle of the meal, and you would do that for three days. You just snap a tablet in half. You’re eating away at your food, stop, swallow half the tablet and keep on going. That’s if you’re a sensitive, but not super sensitive person.

What is the difference between a super sensitive and a sensitive? A sensitive person has got probably a few food allergies. They may have had some quite strong die off reactions to other kinds of Candida products. They are a sensitive person. They may at times take an antihistamine. They may get eczema. They could have skin rashes. They could have a lot of external manifestations of the Candida problem. In that case, just be cautious. Break a tablet in half. If you’re okay on half a tablet with any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, for three days, then you double the dose. Then for the following three days, you would take half a tablet twice per day. And then a week after that, you can probably take one tablet per day, and then two tablets, building up to one tablet two or three times per day with meals. That’s about 20 percent of people.

Probably about 75 percent of people can usually go into one tablet twice per day immediately of the Canxida Remove. Usually with breakfast and with lunch or with breakfast and dinner or with lunch and with dinner. It doesn’t make that much difference. If you’ve got a sleeping problem, maybe not take the product with your evening meal. Take one with breakfast and take one with lunch. That’s if you’ve got bad insomnia. If you’ve got a little sleeping problem or you’re not too disturbed by it, have your meal probably around 6 p.m. and have your last dose with your evening meal as long as you’re not eating at 8 or 9 o’clock at night like some patients do.

Let’s just recap what I just said. If you’re an extremely sensitive person, start with the smallest possible amount for three days and I’m talking maybe about an eighth of a tablet even. If you’re a sensitive person, break the tablet in half. Take a half a tablet once per day for three days and then build up on that dosage. If you’re normal like me and don’t super react or have really bad die off, chronic headaches or feel sick when you take something, then you can generally take one tablet two to three times per day.

When would you take two tablets and when would you take three tablets? One tablet twice per day is a great starting point for the majority of people. You don’t need to go immediately into three. Now, you can take anywhere from one tablet up to 12 tablets per day of Canxida Remove. I wouldn’t probably go anything beyond about six or eight personally, but I have got a few patients that take large doses. Sometimes they break through barriers when they increase the dosage. That’s not something I recommend.

You don’t generally need to go beyond three, maybe six tablets per day, maximum. Three is usually fine. Start with two. And particularly if you’re just making some diet changes, starting with your diet change, start on two tablets per day. If you’ve got a very good diet and you’ve had it for some time and you’re happy with your dietary intake and you’ve been disappointed with other kinds of formulations like many of my patients have, you can take Canxida Remove right away, one tablet three times per day with meals. Always take Canxida Remove with meals. You’re not going to benefit from this formula taking it between meals or two or three hours away from food. There will be little benefit.

Why would there be no benefit? Canxida Remove is made in a very special way. Unlike other products you’re going to take. Any other kind of anti-fungal or anti-bacterial. This product is made in a very special way in terms of how it breaks down in the body. It takes two to three hours to break down. Unlike most tablets that break down very quickly. I’ve learned a very special proprietary way to sustain release a tablet. When you swallow this tablet, it breaks down slowly in the gut over about a two to three-hour period. Best with food because that’s when the digestion occurs. That’s when the body is secreting enzymes and acids. There is no harm taking that with food at all. I find a better patient response rate with food than when I’ve tried it away from food. Don’t chew the tablets. Just swallow them whole. I mean I chew them. I quite like the flavor of the different herbs and things like that. Swallowing them whole is perfectly fine.

Children. Depending on the body weight, but generally young children under five, you need to be very careful with very young children. Also, if you’re nursing or pregnant, you’re probably better off not taking the formulas to be honest. I’d rather you wait until you finish breastfeeding or if you’re contemplating conception or having a baby or carrying a baby, don’t take the formulas. Go and see your health care professional when best not to take them. With children, depending on the body weight of the child, anything over about five, you can probably give half to one tablet per day. Depending on how many pounds or kgs they are. Robust larger children can often take higher dosages than very small ones. Children tend to be more sensitive when they’ve got yeast infections, so you need to be very careful with dosage and always underestimate rather than overestimate. I prefer for most kids up to about 14, I would say one tablet per day, but we’ve got some large Pacific Island children here in New Zealand from Tonga or Samoa or Mali children. They can easily take two tablets per day. Some of these kids can get quite big.

You need to gauge that depending on the robustness of the child and their weight. If you’ve used medications on them before and you know they can handle different medications in larger dosages, then give larger dosages. You’re quite safe with this formula with children. You’re not going to get any violent reactions with them at all. Kids don’t mind these products. Tablets that are big, just cut them in half. Children over about 14, I would treat like an adult. I would give probably two per day. Up from about 7 to 14, anywhere between half to one and half tablets per day is generally about the rule. With food that product adjust the dosages accordingly.

Duration of treatment. Anywhere from three months to six months or even longer. Some people have been on Canxida Remove with our initial doses that we made for up to eight months or even longer. And they did that in a very long slow dosed fashion and got very, very good results. Other people have taken shorter courses of higher dosage. You can also chop and change. You can do a short course of high dosage. Then you can stop for a week or so and then do a long term dosage of say three months or so taking one per day or two per day. There are no rules here. It depends on your aggravations. It depends on your energy levels. It depends on the benefit you get from the product. You need to adjust the dosage according to how you feel.

I would generally recommend you take Canxida Remove in a probably four to six-week block. Work out a dosage. Stick to the dosage and then push it through for about four to six weeks then maybe give your body a spell for a week and then do another block, either a lower dose or a higher dose. It’s quite clever, especially if you’ve got parasites, to do so. With successive generations of bugs, sometimes it pays to hit them harder then to back off a little bit if you’ve got aggravations. Don’t be afraid to change the dosages at all on Canxida Remove. Short term high dose, long term low dose. Very smart move. I hope that gives you enough information on the Canxida Remove products.

Let’s talk a bit about the Canxida Restore product now. Again, you can read a lot about this on on the formula, on the enzymes, and the probiotics and why I’ve created this formula to be like that. I’m not going to go into the formulations on the video. You can read about those. The Canxida Restore was designed exactly for what it says, to restore the gut function. It’s a product that you can use very advantageously at the same time that you’re taking the Canxida Remove. In fact, both products are best taken together. You don’t need to take them apart. You don’t need to spread them apart by 10 minutes or half an hour. You can have the tablet and capsule and swallow them both at the same time.

How do I know that? I know that from working with tablets of this nature and capsules like this for nearly 30 years. I’ve worked with products for a long, long time. I worked with probiotics way before they became fashionable and I’ve discovered that a good probiotic works even better when taken with a good anti-fungal product. I’ve had no problems with that at all. But more importantly, I’ve also discovered you get much better results when you mix enzymes with probiotics rather than take them separate. You get an even better result with the majority of people when you give a probiotic with no prebiotic, and I’ve got very specific reasons why I don’t like prebiotics. And again, look at my video on Restore and you’ll hear all about that.

When do you take it and what’s the dosage? Well, this is in a very special capsule that is quite an expensive capsule to manufacture. This is why this product does cost a bit of money because it’s a quality product. It’s not a cheap, crappy, cellulose capsule. It’s made in a very special capsule that tends to break down only when it gets into the small intestine. It won’t break down in the stomach. It survives the stomach bypass. Nearly all probiotics you buy won’t do that. They will actually be destroyed, a lot of them, before they even get to the intestine. This particular capsule is specially designed to get to the right spot. And therefore, when you think about it, it’s also clever to take this with the Remove and with food because it’s not going to be affected by digestion.

This product is a bit different. Two doses per day is the norm. You take one with breakfast and you take one before bedtime. Now, why would you do that? When you just told us to take it with food. Why would you take one before bedtime? Well, this product contains an enzyme called serratiopeptidase, which is a very, very expensive enzyme if you buy the quality one that I’ve got in this formula. Serratiopeptidase works best on an empty stomach. And what it does is it gets into the bloodstream and helps to hunt down these circulating immune complexes and bits of debris caused when Candida and bacteria die off. It helps to gobble up antibodies bound to fragments of bacteria and Candida wall. It’s clever. It’s a very clever approach.

It’s also got multiple digestive enzymes in it that work well with food and work okay without food. There is no problem taking this product with food or without food. I recommend one dose with breakfast and one dose before bed. As you start to improve, you can also increase the dosage to breakfast, lunch and then before bed. Some patients have taken it at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. You can’t take too much of that product. You can take anywhere between one to six doses per day. No problem. But when you start with the Canxida Restore, I would like you to take one with breakfast and one before bed.

With the Remove remember, breakfast, lunch or lunch and dinner or breakfast, lunch and dinner and with the Restore, breakfast and before bed. And you’re going to get a great result doing that. Both products are best taken together consistently for three to six months at a minimum, so take advantage of these packages that are available because you’re going to find them quite handy and you’re going to save yourself a bit of money.

The product is currently only available online predominantly through the States, but next year, I’m working on getting it shipped down to New Zealand, Australia, to look after all our Aussie and Kiwi customers down here. And I’m also going to work on British distribution to get throughout the EU because I’ve got many clients in Scandinavia and a lot of people in Germany and Holland who want the formula. To make it very expedient in terms of cost for you for shipping, we’re going to really try hard to get it into the EU and down here in what we call the antipodes or at the bottom of the world.

I think that’s given you a bit of good information now on how to use this product range. If you have any questions, please ask them through YouTube. That way many other people will benefit from the replies as well. I’m quite happy to reply. I try to reply to all YouTube comments and the channel is moderated. I have kicked a few people off the channel that came in with crazy replies, and I like to keep the channel clean for users to use. Please let me know if there is anything that you really do want to know. I get these kind of emails all the time.

I’ve got one here also. “I have an allergy against black walnuts. Is it okay?” It’s fine. Nut allergies, this is the green hull of the walnut. This isn’t the nut itself, so juglone is the active ingredient found in the hull of the walnut. Walnuts contain a peel around them when they grow. What they do is when they drop to the ground, the green peel shrivels up and turns black. That’s why they call them black walnuts. The hull itself contains the very strong anti-parasite ingredient called juglone.

As far as I know, there are no juglone allergies. There are nut allergies, but you can’t blame the hull of the outside of the nut on an allergy. I believe that it won’t be a problem. The smallest amount of this in this formula, you’d have to be so sensitive to nut indeed. I’ve rarely seen nut allergies like that. Of all the people I’ve tested for allergies, nuts come up every now and then. But in all the years I’ve seen patients, I’ve only ever seen maybe one or two people that were hospitalized from breathing a nut or that ate a peanut butter sandwich and immediately got anaphylaxis. They are very rare.

They can occur. If you’re one of those extreme creatures like that, then you may need to avoid the product. But in my opinion, 99.97 percent of people will be able to take this product without fear of black walnut allergy.

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