Candida Question #64 Can Recurring Yeast Infections Cause Infertility?

I believe they can. And some practitioners may argue with me about this point, but I’ve seen many cases of women with acute yeast infections that became chronic. They basically were driven into the body by using different types of applicators and creams, and over a period of time, the female developed endometriosis.

I’ve seen this many times occurring. So endometriosis can obviously lead you towards the path of infertility. When you start pushing that yeast infection through the cervix and the endometrium, you’re going to obviously get an immune reaction. Endometriosis is an autoimmune condition and you can get potential cyst developments and ovarian problems. It can certainly predispose you to infertility. If you’ve got a yeast infection, get on top of it. That’s my advice. Get rid of it, and it can be possible.

Have a look at Chapter 5 in my book, Candida Crusher, and you can read all about how to get rid of a chronic yeast infection. It’s a very popular chapter of my book and it’s helped many women get on top of infections they’ve had for a long, long time.

So if you’ve got an infection, get onto it now, because small problems become big problems. Whether it’s a mortgage, you know, that you’re not servicing a loan, health problem you’re turning a blind eye to, get onto it now. It’s easy to fix a little problem than try and fix a major problem down the track.

Candida Question #60 Yeast Infection And Several Sexual Partners Connected?

It very much can. When I practiced in Australia a few years ago, I worked in a clinic with a doctor who had a practice involving sexual health. And I certainly did see many patients, lesbian patients, gay patients, straight patients, all sorts of patients. And I certainly noticed that many people in sexually active relationships, particularly with multiple partners, could easily pick up yeast infections. Not just yeast infections, but Herpes as well, and other conditions like this.

So it certainly can occur and if you’re a sexually active person and you do have multiple partners, then my advice would be to be very careful, get regularly checked out, and use appropriate precautions and hygiene because it would be easy for you to pick up, not just a Candida yeast infection genital wise, but many other potential infections as well.

So you need to be quite cautious here and certainly take that into account. So it can be related to having several sexual partners.

Candida Question #14 Can Yeast In The Stool Cause A Vaginal Yeast Infection?

It can; in fact, women need to be careful when they wipe that they wipe from front to back. Stool can contain significant amounts of yeast. And I’ve noticed with stool testing, for example, when stool can be cultured; in some cases we can find quite a healthy live yeast population in the stool. So stool certainly can contain live yeast and it’s one key way for women to transfer Candida albicans from their rectal region to the vaginal region. Bacterial vaginosis is also very commonly occurred this way through fecal contamination.

So to answer that question, yes it can be transferred. So care needs to be taken with personal hygiene.

Thank you.