Candida Question #49 Can Yeast Infection Turn Into Urinary Tract Infection?

Well, yeast infections can predispose you to many different types of infections. They, in turn, are there because of poor or compromised immunity and, in turn, can further compromise your lowered immunity and predispose you to a UTI or urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infections are common for certain types of people. Elderly women, I find, have more, but many women suffer from recurring UTIs as well, particularly younger women who often have these. UTIS can come about through increased sexual activity, but also infrequent emptying or bladder issues. Lowered immunity or compromised immunity is a key reason why people would have a UTI. So drinking plenty of water is a clever idea and boosting immunity up.

Coming back to that question again, can a UTI be there because of a yeast infection? It can be because of the predisposing factor, but yeast infections don’t generally cause UTIs as such, but they can develop out of yeast infections.

So basically the smart thing to do if you have got a UTI is to improve your immune health and your urinary health and I’ll be covering more details in further FAQs on UTIs to give you some very good ideas on how you can overcome a urinary tract infection. These are things that you can get on top of.