Candida Question #45 Is Oral Thrush Connected With Oral Sex?

I have certainly seen people with yeast infections engaging in oral sex passing Candida from one person to another. This is definitely possible, so you need to take particular care as a female if you have vaginal thrush and you’re engaging in oral sex with your partner that you don’t transmit or move the Candida infection. It can certainly occur, I’ve seen this occur whether it’s anal sex or oral sex or whatever sex, you can move Candida around this way, so good hygiene needs to be understood and precautions need to be taken.

A key area I often find is males who are uncircumcised can much more easily develop a yeast infection there of the penis than males who are circumcised. You can understand this because the yeast will get underneath the skin and not all men are that good with hygiene, so it’s certainly good to take precautions and to be very good with hygiene to stop what I call passing the parcel from one to another.

This goes the same with sharing sex toys and things like that, vibrators, whatever you want to use. You need to take proper precautions and use good hygiene. Hydrogen peroxide can be good to clean and so can water soluble tea tree oil. These are all good ways to help clean and prevent a cross infection.

So to answer your question, oral sex can certainly help to move a yeast infection around from one person to another. Thank you.