My candida yeast infection doesnt go away keeps coming

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand with a Candida question.

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Eric, I’ve followed your program, but why does my yeast infection keep coming back again? Why do I keep getting all these symptoms all the time? Why can’t I get rid of it? I’ve tried your program. I’ve tried Doctor X’s program, Doctor Y’s program and Doctor Z’s program. It keeps coming back. I’ve taken supplements from this health food shop. I’ve listened to the neighbor next door who told me to take this product. My mother-in-law told me to eat this food, and it keeps coming back again. Why can’t anybody cure me?

I love it when people ask me these stupid questions. Nobody can cure you; you’ve got to learn to get yourself fixed up. So let’s get one thing straight. I’m not here to cure you, all right? Because your body has got the ability to heal itself, but you’ve got to give your body the right conditions in order for that to be achieved. There’s no magic. There’s no magic pill. If you really believe that, then maybe you would believe in Alice in Wonderland. There’s nothing like that at all. Every person who’s alive, who’s got a pulse and a heartbeat has got the ability for their body to return to a state of health, so the innate healing capacity of the body is very strong. Cut your hand; it’ll heal up fast. Have a cold or cough or flu, it should disappear and go away in time with a good powerful immune response. Develop Candida, it should go away if you do things right.

If you’ve got a cough or a cold, would you consider smoking five cigarettes a day and drinking three glasses of wine when you’re sick? No, not usually. Usually when you’ve got a cold or flu or a cough, you think to yourself, “Well, maybe I’ll give the beer or the wine up for a few days. Maybe I shouldn’t smoke so much tobacco or eat so much chocolate.” Normally when people are sick – depending on how sick they are – they’ll make the right kind of changes to allow their body to restore capacity.

So when you’ve got a chronic yeast infection, you need to make these changes. You need to allow the body to build up and get its own health restored by giving it the correct conditions in order for it to achieve this. And how are you going to do that?

Well, my book took three years to write and contains 700+ pages and is written exactly for somebody like you to explain what I’m trying to tell you in my video. If you follow the instructions outlined in my book, particularly in Chapter 7, you’re going to beat this thing permanently once and for all and you’re never going to get it back. It is possible to get rid of that yeast infection 100 percent permanently to eradicate it, but you need to give your body the right conditions.

Don’t believe in the lady next door or mother-in-law or a health food shop. Believe in yourself and by following a really good protocol and by staying on track and keep on doing the right things, making adjustments, you’re going to get rid of those symptoms permanently.

Over time, symptoms should improve, but may initially aggravate. I’m going to do quite a few videos on aggravations and die off and these are topics to teach you and help you understand what I mean and why a lot of people experience originally die off in treatment and then confuse this with an aggravation thinking they’re on the wrong track.

Look at many people in life who have tried to achieve something highly successful. They’ve had setbacks. Did they throw the towel in and say, “I can’t do this anymore. It’s not going to work”? No, they kept on track, and they did what it took to get where they are today. And that’s exactly what you can do no matter how sick you are with Candida. When you first start noticing aggravations, don’t just pass the treatment in, but stay on track. Winners never quit; they just keep on going. And that’s why I wrote my book for people like you, so you’re not going to quit either.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and have a look at And if you’re serious about beating that yeast infection, have a look at my book because it will outline a lot of different tips and tricks to show you how to achieve this end.

I hope this video was of use to you. Thank you.

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