Making lifestyle changes for faster candida recovery

Greetings, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for tuning into my video today.

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Today, I’d like to talk about making change. Undergoing some changes in your life to see if that is going to be effective in helping you to shift your chronic yeast infection.

Many people come to see me regarding Candida yeast infections, and they think that they can maybe make a diet change or take a few supplements and that’s going to help cure their Candida. And in some cases it works, but in many chronic cases, it simply won’t work. So they’ll come back time and again and try different supplements or maybe different diet changes or undergo this test or that test or maybe even change practitioners. But the sad matter is many times they’ll come back in many years and say, “Eric, I’ve still got this yeast infection. What am I not doing right?” And in some cases, these patients need to make a change.

You’ve probably heard the saying that “change is as good as a holiday.” An interesting thing that’s come to my attention in many chronic cases is when patients shift, they move house, maybe they live in another part of the country, maybe they even shift the country entirely, maybe they get rid of their job, maybe they get rid of their partner, maybe they get rid of their mother-in-law, maybe they get rid of some kind of stress in their life.

Living in New Zealand now, I’ve seen lots of patients move to England or America or Europe or different countries, even Australia, and then after several years, come back again. And in quite a few of these cases, I’ve seen people shift chronic – not only yeast infections, but many other chronic conditions that they’ve held for many years. And they’ve found that when they move to the country, got a new job, maybe a new relationship, new friendships with people, that their condition disappeared entirely. Isn’t that strange?

Now we’re all creatures of habit and most of us tend to gravitate around the same kinds of diets. In a lot of these cases, the people would’ve consumed a similar kind of diet. In some cases, though, I’ve had people say to me, “I could even drink alcohol or eat fruit or eat bread again, and my yeast infection disappeared. How did that happen? How did that happen, Eric? How come it disappeared and yet when I lived in New Zealand or wherever and I lived in a certain pattern for many years, it wouldn’t shift?” Well, in my experience, it’s because that person got rid of some kind of big stress in their life.

Now stress is one of the best-kept secrets to understand if you want to shift a chronic yeast infection or chronic psoriasis or chronic colitis or chronic heart disease or chronic whatever you got. If you’ve got a chronic illness you want to shift, you might want to think about shifting some kind of stress in your life.

Now, you may have seen some of my other videos. The biggest stresses in our lives are interpersonal stresses or emotional stresses. So relationships that we hold with other people can sometimes cause us a lot of stress. Think about one particular person in your life now that’s really causing you a lot of stress, and I’ll bet you that a lot of you people out there can immediately think about one particular person. It could be your employer or employee. It could be your mother-in-law. It could be your husband or wife. It could be your teenager. It could be the next-door neighbor. I bet you there’s someone that’s causing you stress.

Now those sorts of stresses are quite incredible in terms of their effect on your health a lot more than “Is this food organic? Can this vitamin C cause gut irritation?” Many people start to look too close at home with tangible, physical things that manifest stress in their body, but they don’t look at the emotional causes of stress.

So that’s a bit of food for thought for you today. Think about something that’s really getting up your nose, causing you a lot of problems, something that you worry about, have anxiety about, those are the sort of things that I want you to consider carefully if you can’t shake a chronic yeast infection.

Dr. Edward Bach, a very famous doctor who lived in England in the 1920s, gave a public address on the emotional causes of stress in London, and he was virtually laughed at. Because back in those days, they had no belief that stress caused any kind of physical problem. But one of Bach’s favorite quotations is “No true healing can take place unless there is a change in a person’s outlook, their mode of living, their way of life.”

Maybe you need to make some changes if you can’t shake that chronic yeast infection. So that’s a bit of food for thought for you today. Thank you for tuning into my video.

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