Is Lufenuron Good For Candida Treatment?

Thanks for tuning into my video today. What is Lufenuron? Is it any good for Candida, is a question I get asked regularly by people over time. Well, let’s talk a little bit about what Lufenuron is and what my opinion is on Lufenuron.

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Lufenuron came to my attention probably about 18 months ago now when I had a few patients from England and Germany and Switzerland that were starting to take it and asked me for my opinion on it and at that point, I really didn’t know much about it. I’ve got patients in about 100 countries now around the world, so if a new product comes out, I quickly find out about it because one of my patients will be taking it, no doubt.

After a period of many months, I’ve got the odd negative feedback from it and thinking, well, it just might be related to people taking too much or incorrectly combining it with something else. But then as time went by, I started getting more and more negative feedback from it. I would say I’ve had over 100 reports now of side effects from this drug ranging from mild bloating up to hospitalization. I don’t like it when I hear things like that.

Lufenuron is a product that was designed by a company to kill fleas in cats and dogs. All it does is it inhibits chitin, so inhibits a particular chemical that makes up the exoskeleton on the outside skeleton of the insect and fleas can take quite a lot of chitin in their skeleton. So when you inhibit the production or the synthesis of chitin, you’re going to kill the flea by doing that.

Now there are some small amounts of chitin in the cell wall membrane of Candida that have been discovered. And the initial reports were quite favorable when Lufenuron was first used against it, but it’s quickly dampened down and we realized it was actually quite useless against Candida because chitin really varies from Candida species to Candida species. There are about 19 species of Candida that we know. Some will have varying levels of chitin depending on the type of Candida.

For example, Candida tropicalis is a species I find quite common in people in Australia, particularly Queensland and from what I gather, it will have entirely different levels of chitin in it than Candida albicans in the cell membrane.

The ability of this product to work on Candida is extremely varied and I’ve got no doubt in some rare cases there may be some temporary beneficial effect, but the side effects of this product totally outweigh any benefits you’re going to get from it. Always remember, this product was designed to kill fleas in cats and dogs, not to kill Candida. It is not endorsed by experts like me who have worked on yeast infection for a long time. It is not used by the majority of people in the natural health business.

As far as I know, there are only two main websites that push this product onto unwary or unsuspecting patients who don’t really have much knowledge. So when anyone tells you that a chemical designed to kill fleas is good for Candida, you need to run for the hills.

If I started promoting DDT or a toxic chemical like Roundup, glyphosate, told you to drink that, it was going to kill acne or yeast infection, would you take that serious? You’d probably think I’m some sort of stupid fool. Well, that’s what’s happening to people now who are being suckered into believing that a flea killing treatment may help with Candida.

Folks, don’t waste your money on this product. It is toxic. It is not designed for the purpose that you’re purchasing it for. And if you have bought it and you’ve got a cattle dog, perhaps try it out on them, but don’t take it yourself. I don’t endorse this product at all nor do other people in my business. Please steer clear from Lufenuron.

Thanks for tuning in.

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