Is it possible for athlete foot to become jock itch?

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Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about athlete’s foot and jock itch. Can athlete’s foot cause jock itch? Can jock itch cause athlete’s foot? Can this particular fungal problem be transferred from the groin to the feet or from the feet to the groin?

It’s not really likely. We’ve got two different types of fungal infections here. Athlete’s foot is called tinea pedis, and jock itch is called tinea cruris, so it’s not really likely this is going to occur. And if it does occur, if you’re going to get a shift in a fungal condition on the exterior surface of the body in different areas, I mean you can even get a fungal condition around the ears. You can get it on the scalp. You can get it anywhere on the body. In my ‘20s, I had these white spots, fungal rash, all over my torso and my arms. You can get fungal skin conditions involving many types and places in the body.

You’ve got to be pretty sick and have low immune system to transfer this skin condition all around the body like that. And there’s probably a big likelihood also that you’ve got a digestive yeast infection as well. You’ll have intestinal gut problems. If you’ve got it around the scrotum, around the anal region, you have really itchy inner thighs, and you’ve got athlete’s foot, there’s no doubt you’re going to have it in the gut as well. Your digestive system will be full of fungus, too, that will need cleaning out.

Healthy people who have just got a small amount of jock itch, just a little bit here or there, and no athlete’s foot have got a lot less chance of having it in the intestinal tract. But if you’ve got it on several parts on the skin, there’s a big chance, as I said, that you’ll have it in the gut.

It’s not likely you’re going to transfer it from the feet to the groin or groin to the feet. And if you do, you probably have got a high susceptibility and a low resistance. I write about this quite a lot in my book. So when you become very susceptible because you’re immune system is not good, you can transfer this yeast anywhere in the body.

If you want to beat this thing, you really got to get your immune system working really hard out. If you get your immune system working good like it should, just like if you’ve got a good defense force or a police force working well, you’re going to have a lot amount of criminal activity, and it’s the same with your immune system. If you’ve got a good powerful immune system, you’re going to have a lower chance of bacterial or fungal infections.

Make sure you read my articles on, and also don’t forget to do my quiz; my yeast infection quiz will give you an idea on how severe you’ve got this problem, whether you’ve got mild, moderate or severe. If you come back severe on the quiz, then you’ve got a higher chance of moving it from the foot to the groin or from the groin to the foot.

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