How to protect myself from yeast infection and prevent from getting it?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, another frequently asked question.

Eric, how do I protect myself from a yeast infection? How do I stop from getting a yeast infection back again or how do I avoid contracting a yeast overgrowth in the first place?

Well, it’s not that difficult to do, really, and many people who end up with Candidiasis, usually a combination of factors occurred. In many cases I’ve seen, a patient was never well since taking an antibiotic. So good advice for you right now, if you haven’t got Candida right now or want to avoid it is don’t take antibiotics. You don’t need them. In most cases, you really don’t need an antibiotic.

Now if a doctor’s watching this right now, I would challenge that doctor and ask that doctor how many times have you given an antibiotic to a patient and thought is this going to be a benefit or not? Because we know as practitioners that most illnesses are self-limiting. If the patient works under the right conditions, takes rest, eats the right kind of foods, takes some Vitamin C, maybe some Echinacea, they’ll often overcome that infection.

With my four children that are gown up now, we never, ever used antibiotics with any of the childhood illnesses ever. Not for coughs, not for colds, not for flus, not for urinary tract infections, we never went there. The children were never vaccinated. I had no immunizations. Now, again, you may think this is ridiculous. This is my personal choice being a father, being a responsible father, and a naturopath and a homeopath. I’ve treated my kids with natural medicine, so we didn’t have to resort to these toxic drugs.

So if you’re a patient watching this and you are worried about an acute infectious disease, see your naturopath about the right kind of treatment, so you can avoid this very toxic and side effect ridden therapy.

So antibiotics are one of the primary causes of yeast infections that you may want to avoid. The other one is stress, living a high stress lifestyle, which most of us do. Eating a diet late and takeout foods, sugar, alcohol, all these sorts of things we know are not good for us. Oftentimes, we do things in our lives where we know in the back of our mind it’s not really a good, healthy habit, but we keep on doing it. It’s a contribution of these habits along with antibiotics that often contribute to how a yeast infection will begin and how it is maintained.

So if you want to make your body Candida proof, stop doing these things that you know are eroding your health and contributing to bad health. Don’t take the toxic drugs if you can avoid them. Antibiotics may be useful sometimes in cases of severe bacterial pneumonia, but in most cases, they’re not required by the body at all. So by avoiding the primary causative factors, it’s a very powerful way for you not to contract Candida in the first place.

Have a look at my book, Candida Crusher, which can contains a huge amount of information on the causes of Candida and how to avoid these causes. There are plenty of other causes. The oral contraceptive pill is another one linked up with it as well. So these are just a few causes I’ve mentioned.

So subscribe to my YouTube channel for more good information and have a look at and my book. That will outline lots of good information for you on how to avoid contracting a yeast infection in the first place.

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