How To Do Proper Gallbladder Cleanse

Greetings, Greetings! Eric Bakker. Naturopath from New Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher, and also creator of this YouTube channel. Thanks so much for checking out the channel. I really appreciate all your feedback. The comments have been very, very good. I’ve had many people over time asking me to do some videos on detoxification and cleansing. Liver cleansing, kidney cleansing, things like that. I just did a video yesterday, which I uploaded on how to do a liver cleanse, so I hope you’ve seen that one because that is the precursor, or the video you need to watch right now. So click on the link right now if you haven’t seen it, watch that first, and then catch me back here. If you’ve seen it, awesome. We’re going to talk about a gallbladder flush. That’s going to be the topic.

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I don’t want you doing a gallbladder flush until you’ve done a liver cleanse. It make sense? Makes sense to me. The liver produces stuff called bile-this green stuff. Looks a bit like dishwashing liquid. That’s what we’re going to talk about-dishwashing liquid. I like giving people examples in real life instead of these high falutin biochemical technical sort of talks. Most people who watch my videos are just like me-they’re plain common sense people, and that’s why I like to create common sense videos. Not some crazy wacky stuff where I wear white coats and talk about all these equations and junk that people aren’t interested in.

What’s dishwashing liquid got to do with the gallbladder? What a crazy thing that Bakker’s talking about now. Well, let me tell you. We’ve got this stuff in New Zealand called Palmolive. I don’t know if you’ve got that in the States or Canada or wherever you’re watching this from. It’s this green dishwashing liquid. I worked out a long time ago when I was a kid that if you’re washing dishes and you’ve got hot water and you’ve just had some greasy pork chops or a nice piece of fatty pizza or you’ve eaten something with a bit of fat on it. You put that in your sink, you fill it up with water, and then you try and wash the fat off with water. So what happens? Is it going to come off? Probably it’s going to roll off, isn’t it? The fat’s not really going to break down with the water, is it?

What happens when you put one drop of dishwashing liquid on a fatty plate? Poof. All the fat starts to dissolve. It breaks down. It emulsifies and creates a chemical reaction where the fat breaks down under the presence of this particular substance called dishwashing liquid. Now bile does the same stuff in your gut with fat. It helps to break fat down. It helps to emulsify-to clean and move out. Bile is quite a toxic substance, so the liver likes to get rid of junk, and it will do so through the bile.

Remember, we spoke in the previous video on liver detox about the two main pathways. Phase one, phase two. Phase one is a bunch of enzymes, phase two works by way of four or five chemical reactions we call glucuronidation. Toxins come into the liver. It’s a huge chemical factory that gets rid of the poisons out of the body, no matter what poison it is, birth control pill, paracetamol, last night’s dinner that contained some chemical junk, stuff you’ve been breathing in the air, all sorts of junk that your body makes, processes with normal metabolism. All this crap is in the blood, which gets cleaned by the liver.

These toxins come into the liver. They get made even more toxic through this enzymatic process, and then shunted into another pathway where they get rendered into substances that can get peed out or pooed out. Out through the urine, or out through the stool. Now you can understand why it’s not a good idea to be constipated. Not a good idea at all. You need to get rid of stuff all the time. You need to put your garbage can out once a week, or your place is going to get pretty smelly. Going to get maggots everywhere, and rats and mice and stuff. Your neighbors aren’t going to like it. Imagine if you didn’t go to the toilet for 12 months. You think your neighbors would like to live next to you? My goodness. You’d be so full of you-know-what it’d be terrible. You need to clean yourself out. Bowels have to work properly, bile has to be manufactured, help with the digestive process and assist in dumping toxins into the bowel, and they can be removed through the feces.

We all agree: You need good liver; you need good gallbladder. The gallbladder stores up to a pint. I think it is, 600 mils. I think that’s roughly what the liver makes per day. Quite a lot. By the way, the reason why your stools are brown is because of red blood cells. It’s like iron and rust. It’s actually the byproduct of the breakdown of red blood cells. That’s why the stool is brown. Red blood cells only last about 30 days in the body. They get used up and then moved out.

It’s very important to keep your gallbladder in very good condition. To me, it acts like a reservoir for keeping Palmolive dishwashing liquid in your body. Is it good to get the gallbladder taken out? I think it’s a dumb idea to get the gallbladder taken out. It’s often the first thing that a lot of doctors will recommend when you present to the clinic with acute abdominal pain. “We’ll schedule you into the hospital. We’ll just get that gallbladder taken out and that’ll fix up all of your problems.” What a load of crap. The amount of people I see who have had a gallbladder taken out who’ve still got exactly the same problem is phenomenal. Now you might be watching this now and saying, “Well Eric, that’s me. I had a tummy pain. I went to the doctor. And then he sent me to the surgeon and I got my gallbladder out and I’m still with the same blooming pain. What a waste of time that was.”

Before you get your gallbladder ripped out like an alternator in a car, thrown out, make sure that you do a gallbladder flush first. Is it safe? Hell, yes. This procedure I’m going to show you is very safe. I’ve personally helped over a thousand patients through this process, easily a thousand, probably more. I know doctors that have performed many, many more thousands of these procedures with their patients. It is very safe, providing you do the right thing. Nothing is safe if you do it in a dumb way. Even driving a car is not safe if you don’t wear seatbelts and you drink and do stupid things like that. If you follow the procedure carefully, it’s perfectly safe.

What should you do? As I mentioned, do the bowel flush first, liver cleanse, then we’re going to move into the gallbladder flush. This is what I want you to do. Let’s assume that you’ve done the liver cleanse. You’ve taken some herbs, you’ve gone on a clean diet, you’ve cut out all alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, all the high fat foods, processed fats, hydrogenated fats, fizzy drinks, all the crap from your diet that you know you shouldn’t be having.

Good time to do the gallbladder flush in my opinion is spring/summer time. Why? Abundance of fresh produce. Especially important for the liver to have a lot of fresh clean things into your diet for a week or two. Lots of sour foods. Lots of fresh foods. Watch the previous video. I’m not going to go over that stuff again. I want you to get hold of some good quality apple juice and drink plenty of that three/four/five days leading into your gallbladder flush. I prefer people to buy bags of apples, juice it, and drink one to two glasses every day, rather than buying junk in those plastic bottles in the shop that’s basically reconstituted, full of sugars and junk.

I find my favorite apple for the gallbladder flush are the granny smiths. Granny Smiths tend to be more tart, they’re higher in malic acid, and this tends to be a lot more conducive towards cleaning out the gallbladder than using red sweet apples full of sugar and sucrose and stuff like that. Try to go more for the green apples. Golden Delicious are good or Granny Smiths. If you can’t, any apple will do, but I prefer the green apple. Juice your own apples. Trust me folks, it’s definitely the way to go. You’ve got apple juice, you’ve been drinking that for two or three days. You need to cut out all meats for three/four/five days leading into this flush. Eat light. Maybe have soups, broths, chicken soups, fermented and cultured foods, fresh foods. Basically you’re stepping your diet down and having it lighter and lighter. The reason will become more obvious later why. I’ll tell you why.

Now what we’re going to do is going to get you to get some lemons or grapefruits, but preferably lemons and some olive oil. You may have seen a lot of these videos already on YouTube, but this is how I think it’s done properly. The quantity of lemon juice and oil is debatable. Some people say you need a cup, some people say you need two cups. I saw one video and the guy said to use a gallon! Using liters of the stuff. God’s sakes, we’re not elephants, we’re humans. You don’t need a lot of this stuff, alright?

I’m going to recommend a quantity of around 300 mils, which is about half a pint or not even that. It’s probably just over a cup. A cup is about 250 mils, so about 300 mils. So, get yourself some nice lemons. I’ve got lots of lemon trees, I love lemons, but you can just buy them or grow them or get them from your aunty or whatever you want. Juice them, no pips, strain them, and you’ve got a good 300 mils of lemon juice in a jug. You’re going to do the same with the olive oil. You’re going to have roughly 300 mils, but you can use less olive oil. Usually around 200 mils is okay, so just under a cup.

I tend to combine them-put them in a cocktail shake or something, or just put it in the blender and stir it right through.

You’ve prepared that, right? You’ve got that done? Did you write it down? Alright, you know what to do. Now, what you’re going to do, is around about 6 or 7 o’ clock in the evening, you’re going to drink that stuff. Now, I found a good tip is to put a straw in the container and drink it through a straw because that way you don’t get it all in your mouth. You don’t get that fatty stuff. I don’t mind, I drink olive oil every day anyway. I usually have a sip when I’m doing the cooking. I have a sip of olive oil and I use a lot of lemon juice in my diet. I can drink olive oil no problem.

If you’re not Greek or Italian, you’re probably not used to a lot of oil in your diet, so you might want to build up. Drink this mixture over a period of maybe 15-20 minutes. Then you’re going to retire. I’ve got the protocol written up here and I’ll make sure I’m going to read it out properly. After the mixture’s finished, you’re going to retire, then you’re going to go to bed. I like people to get to bed early when they’re doing a gallbladder flush. You’re not going to go and watch Game of Thrones or stuff like this or Lord of the Rings until 3 a.m. then go to bed after you’ve had a packet of chips/crisps after you’ve done the flush. You need to do this properly guys, or it won’t work for you.

Go to bed around 8 or 9 o’ clock-no later than that. Lie on your right side for as long as you can with a pillow elevating the right hip. Why would you do that? That’s so you can get the mixture in the right position. It’s going to move down there around the sphincter where the gallbladder attaches to the small bowel. That mixture will pass through the stomach into the small intestine, around the sphincter there (the little bum hole muscle that connects the tube from the gallbladder up to the small bowel).

The gallbladder is going to see this stuff and say, “What the hell’s this stuff?” You might feel a pulsing sensation in your gut. You could feel some warmth or some sensations in your gut. Some people hear these funny tummy sounds. That’s expulsion of junk, basically, into that area. It’s going to move out. It’s going to try to emulsify this. It’s going to think, “Whoa, I’ve got a huge big sink full of thousands of plates. I’ve got to really clean out! I’ve got to put as much dishwashing liquid into the sink as I can.” It’s going to move bile and all the junk out of the gallbladder into the small bowel. It’s going to squeeze it all out.

I only had a patient in yesterday. I didn’t ask her for her jar, which was stupid of me. She pulled out a jar, and it was about a third full with gallstones. You can go to and have a look at my article on gallbladder symptoms and gallbladder treatment. You can actually see some photos there of patients gallstones, which I’ve posted up on there. This is a very successful technique. What I expect is for you to make a beeline to the bathroom early in the morning-could be 4 or 5 o’clock. Could be early, could be later. You’re going to have a huge big evacuation. A lot of stuff’s going to come out.

Let’s just say now that you’ve done this procedure, you’re lying down, you’ve got the pillow under the right hip, you’re sitting there relaxing, you’re feeling some sensations. It’s all going to go well for you, I guarantee you. This procedure has been performed many times by many people, and many doctors have assisted thousands of patients worldwide to do this. Lots of medical doctors may tell you, “It’s dangerous! Don’t do it! You’ll die! You’ll get gallstones jammed with excruciating, horrible pain. It’s not the way to do it. I would not recommend this procedure at all. It’s extremely dangerous.” I’ve had some doctors say this.

I went to a very interesting presentation in Australia a couple of years ago, and I heard a guy talking; a medical professor who said he’s performed the procedure or helped patients, over 10,000 patients perform this procedure without one glitch. If any doctor tells you that it’s dangerous and it shouldn’t be done, you need to get up off the chair and turn around and walk away, because it’s crap. If you do it properly and carefully, it’s not a problem.

There are some rare cases where you may not want to do it if you’ve got extreme medical conditions. For example: very frail, 103 years old and you’re going in for hip replacement or something, then it’s probably not a good idea. If you’re pregnant, you’ve got twins, probably not a good idea if you’re pregnant to do it. Know what I mean? If you’ve got type-1 diabetes and you’re relying on very high amounts of insulin, then it’s probably not a good idea. There are certain conditions where you wouldn’t do it, but hello? It’s common sense again.

Average people in reasonably good health can easily do this procedure. Don’t be afraid. The fear factor is huge in medicine. It’s absolutely huge. You don’t need to be afraid. Many people do it. Once you’ve done this procedure, you’ll get up in the morning, you’ll have a huge evacuation. Some people wish to use a colander or a strainer to strain the stool. They’re actually stunned to see what comes out. The first time you do it, you may get handfuls of stuff coming out. I’ve seen people pass out, sometimes, over 1,000 stones in the first evacuation. Incredible but true.

It’s up to you how you do it. It’s up to you how much lemon juice you take, how much olive oil you take, how far you want to take this thing. You don’t need large amounts of stuff. If you’re a little bit scared or anxious about things like that, you may want to start with maybe a tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil. Trust me, it does work highly effectively. The quantities I’m showing you are perfectly normal for average people of average build.

So, you’ve expelled gallstones. What are you going to do next? What you’re going to do is you’re going to stay on a reasonably clean diet for about a week leading out, then going back to your normal diet. Then you’re going to wait about a month and you’re going to repeat the procedure. If you pass out gallstones again, I’m going to recommend you repeat it again and again until you pass out no more gallstones.

Believe it or not, some of my patients have done this procedure 10 or 12 times and each time they passed out stones. Others have done it three or four times and they only had a dump on the first or second occasion. On the third, they didn’t pass out any more stones. It’s up to you to find out what comes out, and to reevaluate your health, and think, “Should I repeat the procedure or not?” That’s your call. It’s highly effective.

One patient annoyed the hell out of me years ago. This quite large lady who came to me who was scheduled a week from the date she saw me to have a cholecystectomy, her gallbladder taken out. I said, “Don’t do it! Be careful. Rethink what you’re doing.” She said, “Well, I wasn’t going to anyway. I came to you because I don’t want knives put in my body or surgeons and stuff. I want to see how we go.” I went through the procedure with her, she went home. She did it, and I got a call back after about 14 days, and she was delighted. She was delighted she could go back to eating lots of fatty fish and chips again at least two times a week without nausea.

That’s not the whole idea. The whole idea is when you’ve cleaned out the gallbladder is to stay on a reasonably healthy diet. I don’t mind if you have fish and chips or fatty stuff here and there, but please don’t do it three times a week or eat chocolate daily because you’re going to gum that gallbladder up again. The gallbladder is vital to health. It’s very important that you keep the gallbladder in good condition. It’s a very important part of the liver function. It does form a vital role. Just like the tonsils, it’s not a good idea just to chop it out and throw it away because it’s some useless body part that we could all do without.

So that’s the gallbladder flush. Give it a go, and give me some comments when you’ve done this. I’m quite happy to see some photos of gallstones from different people as well, which might be good to show on YouTube to give other people confidence to do this procedure. Don’t forget to click on my link below for a free report. Also, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks so much for tuning in.

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