How one gets candida at first place? What causes it?

I’ve got a frequently asked question for a guy here in California. How do you get Candida?

Well, you don’t get Candida. You develop Candida. It’s basically a yeast infection, and you develop it because there’s an imbalance in your life. Your lifestyle or your diet has become unbalanced. When an imbalance has occurred like this, you’re susceptibility increases and your resistance drops down. The scales get tipped against you and you’re more likely to pick up a yeast infection.

Yeast, molds, fungi, bacterial, parasites, they live around us all the time. We can’t escape these sort of things. No matter where we live in the world, we’re always going to have bacteria in our life, so you can’t avoid these. I find it quite hilarious these commercials on TV where everything is so sanitized and clean. The lady is always wiping the child’s hands down. It’s these clean sort of lifestyle, ultraclean lifestyles, that can make us more susceptible to infection because they weaken our immune system. It’s not a good idea to keep people ultraclean. They can’t build resistance against a lot of bacteria.

How do you get an infection? Well, we’re going to talk a little bit about that in other videos, but getting Candida is because the scales are tipped against you. You’re staying out too late. Eating the wrong kind of food. Stressing out too much. Poor immunity. Antibiotics is one of the prime ways people get Candida. Junk foods. Soda drinks. Chocolate. Too much alcohol, all these sorts of things. Many of these dietary habits and lifestyle habits come about because of stressful lifestyles that we lead. Many of us lead ridiculous lifestyle these days, very artificial lifestyles. A lot of it generated around the technology that we have. Many people need what we call a “digital detox” these days to get away from their mobile phone or their tablet or their computer. Staying up too late is a classic example and social media. This are ways that we increase our susceptibility and reduce our resistance. This is exactly how we get Candida by living weird lifestyles.

If you’ve got this yeast infection and you seriously want to get rid of it, you need to look at getting things back in balance again and powering the immune system; reducing adrenal stress, in particular. Many of my patients with Candida have got adrenal fatigue or thyroid malfunction. They have some sort of hormonal imbalance that could be estrogen dominant. There could be hypothyroid. They could be hypoadrenal. I very commonly see this with lots of people with serious yeast infection. They never address the underlying stress mechanisms, so they maintain this Candida and all they’re trying to do is take antifungals all the time that are a waste of time.

So how do you get Candida? Just to recap. Poor lifestyles. Stress imbalances. Alcohol. Takeaway food. Chocolate, candy, all these sorts of things. This is how we develop Candida. If we want to get rid of it, we’ve got to change our habits and lifestyle and diet.

Hope that answers your question.

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