How do you take Nystatin to treat candida?

Thanks for checking out my video. I’ve got a question here from a patient in New York. How do you take Nystatin?

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Have you seen my other videos on Nystatin, by the way? I’ve completed a couple of other YouTube clips on Nystatin and also I’ve written some good articles on about Nystatin. It was a drug developed in the ’50 by two American lady researchers. It’s named Nystatin after the New York State Laboratory where it was developed in 1954 and widely promoted by Dr. William Crook in the ‘80s who wrote The Yeast Connection. Quite a famous book that really started the whole understanding of how serious yeast infections are. Crook was a pediatrician and a good friend of my stress mentor, Dr. Wilson, Billy Crook. He used to be called Billy Crook. Not a good name for a doctor is it, Crook? It sounds a bit suspect. But apparently he was a lovely man with quite a profound understanding on the effects of yeast, particularly on children, but also on adults. Widely ridiculed by a lot of people.

But Candida, as we know today, is widely known and researched. It’s in many research papers you’ll find online. If you go to SNL and M-Base, many different databases, you can read an incredible amount of research. The Japanese and Koreans have done an incredible amount of research on Candida in the last 20, 30 years, in particular.

Nystatin in my mind is a drug that is probably like the safest pharmaceutical drug to use because it’s based on a bacteria. Like a lot of antifungal and antibiotic drugs, it actually comes from a bacteria as a starting point. But this one’s particularly safe because it doesn’t get absorbed by the digestive tract. It gets passed through. Billy Crook would recommend anything up from 500,000 up to 1 million units per day for anywhere from four to six weeks, sometimes even three months. Dr. Crook would say often to take Nystatin until symptoms are reached. And as long as symptoms have been reached, Candida is being killed.

I don’t really like that approach to create a lot of symptoms in people. But Nystatin is certainly a powerful product for many people; however, products like that can create serious side effects with people, too. Remember, it targets Candida. It doesn’t target anything else in the body. And if you take too high a dose, you can get very, very sick on Nystatin. Oral doses, usually we’re looking at about 1/8 teaspoon taken in about four ounces of water, which is about 100 mils of water, I believe, or about half a glass of water. Stir it in quite well and generally you’ll take a few sips, you’ll rinse the mouth with it, swallow and take a few more sips and rinse it. It’s taken away from food. And it’s taken usually once per day, sometimes twice per day. You can also get it in pasteels[?] which can be sucked on. You can get like creams and lotions for topical. It depends really on the delivery and the type of Nystatin you’re looking at. And also make sure that you talk to your doctor about how exactly to use it and how long to use it for.

When you’ve finished taking Nystatin, it’s important to take a good probiotic, probably for a good two months after that. I don’t think probiotics and Nystatin are really good at the same time. When you take Nystatin, don’t take it with Canxida, which is the product I developed. It’s not a good idea. I believe Canxida is a far superior product than Nystatin because it’s going to target parasites, bacteria and yeasts and you can get it at I think it’s better priced and more effective and has far less potential for side effects long term. It’s going to give you a more broad-spectrum effect than Nystatin. Nystatin doesn’t touch parasites or bad bacteria. It just targets Candida which is quite narrow in scope.

Remember, narrow scope, powerful effects. With a broad spectrum, you’re going to take out a hell of a lot more with a shotgun than you are with a rifle. I always say that with people. Not that I go shooting, but I’ve seen the kind of damage that shotguns do compared to handguns, and I think Nystatin is a bit of a hand gun.

I hope that answers your question about Nystatin today. Thank you.

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