How do I know I have treated my candida and its no more?

How do you know when Candida is gone? How do you know when your yeast infection is no more? How do you know when your health has improved to the point where you can relax and not worry about thinking, “Oh, my goodness. I’ve got a yeast infection.” Well, if you think about it, it’s not really hard to answer that question, is it? The way you’ll know is you’ll start feeling a lot better inside yourself. The symptoms will improve.

You’ve probably heard me talk before about a symptom tracker. It’s important for you to track your symptoms on a regular basis. I developed a Candida symptom tracker that’s in my book, Candida Crusher.

I’m not sure if you’ve got a copy of this book yet, but the book’s got a huge amount of information in it, all about the different signs and symptoms of Candida and, particularly, I’ve created this form called the “Symptom Tracker” that you can record your symptoms down on the left side or tick the appropriate ones and add your own down at the bottom. And then each week in the columns, track your symptoms over a 12-week period. Each symptom can get graded one, two or three, mild, moderate or severe, so what you’ll find is as you obviously improve, your score starts decreasing. The severity rating goes down, so the threes become twos, become ones, eventually over time, but what you’ll also find is other people will pick it up in you. If you’re in a relationship or if you’ve got close friends or family around you, they’re going to notice some changes in you.

Generally, I believe in what’s called “Hering’s Law of Cure.” There was a doctor a long time ago called Dr. Hering, a famous homeopath, and Dr. Hering believed that symptoms disappear in the reverse order of onset. So let’s just say you had a headache 10 or 15 years ago that developed and it’s been on and off there for about 10 or 15 years. And then you had a symptom develop more recently, say a lot of bloating or flatulence, but that’s only happened two or three years ago. Well, if you think about it, that’s probably going to disappear before the headache is. The digestive problem is probably going to clear up and get better before the headache will clear up and get better, and that’s how the body works. It gets rid of symptoms in this particular manner, so the symptoms you had a long time ago are usually the last ones to go. In some cases, we can even see a return of all symptoms, so you may not have had a headache for 10 or 15 years, and then as you recover, the headaches may come back, which may freak you right out. This is actually a favorable sign.

Homeopathic physicians a long time ago were very clever in observing patients, particularly their recovery from chronic illness and worked a lot of these things out. I always am quite happy when a patient gets a return of all symptoms. Many times these symptoms come back because the patient suppressed them originally with a pharmaceutical drug. They took some kind of pill or drug and the symptom went away. As they recovered and detoxified and cleared rubbish out of their body, the symptom came back.

Now doctors laugh at these sort of things, but I couldn’t care less what doctors say when it comes to recovery of patients. Because my only relationship in healing is with the patient. The patient pays me a fee. The patient makes some sort of contract with me they want to get well. I partner with that person. I couldn’t give two hoots what doctors or specialists say. I couldn’t care less if they say it’s placebo or it’s only a temporary recovery. Who cares? Because if the patient feels well and they’re happy and their quality of life comes back, that’s all I care about. And I know when Candida is gone when that patient starts making monumental changes in their life as a result of their improvement. I’ve seen patients get remarried and take on promotions, start a family, all these things. Now people don’t do those things and really feel happy about it unless their health comes back.

So call it placebo, call if what you want, I couldn’t care less. If a patient feels great, that’s what matters to me regardless of the therapy that we use to get that patient to that position. Right?

We must never forget that the word “doctorea” or “doctor” means to teach or teaching, so it’s important to teach our patients how to get well and the steps they need to take to recover. The true healers do that. They don’t care about the money. They don’t look at the ego or the methods of healing. They look at how the patient is and if they’re recovering or not, and they take impediments away. By taking impediments away, obstacles to cure, the patient will improve, and that’s all that matters. And that’s when the patient will improve when they’ve made those changes in life. They’ve taken those barriers away. Good health only comes from change. It doesn’t come from pills or drugs or surgery. It comes from change. Usually a change the patient has made.
So I hope that answers your question. Thanks for tuning in.

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