How can I tell if I have candida in my gut as in digestive system?

How do I know if I have Candida in my gut? So how do I know if Candida is affecting my digestive system? What are the signs and symptoms? How is it recognizable?

There are different ways for you to determine if you’ve got a yeast infection in your digestive system, but one of the big things that you need to be looking for is what I call fermentation dysbiosis. Fermentation dysbiosis is not a new concept. This concept was basically originated by various digestive experts. People like Dr. Liz Lipsky, for example, quite a well-known author and expert in digestive health. There are many other books. As you can see behind me, there are quite a few books. Many other authors I’ve read, studied and looked at, they talk about four or five kinds of dysbiosis, so “dys” meaning bad “biosis” meaning life, so “bad life” in the gut. Dysbiosis can generally mean poor bacteria, yeast infection, bloating, farting or gas, burping or a lot of air coming up. These are all signs of fermenting in the gut.

When you think about it, Candida loves sugar. It loves warmth. It loves moisture. It loves darkness. It’s a mold. It’s a fungus. It needs these things, and the gut provides the perfect place for Candida. There’s a lot of food there. There’s a lot of warmth there. There’s a lot of moisture there. So get yourself a jar of jam, for example, or a piece of bread and put a little bit of jam on it or a very sweet spread and put it somewhere in a warm, dark place and what are you going to find in a few days? You’re going to find mold growing on it. But if you put that same piece of bread – you put a bit of honey on it, you won’t get the mold because they can’t grow in honey, for example, because of the peroxide value of the different chemicals in there that the Candida is averse to. It all depends on the environment. The nutrients that Candida feed on and the environment to allow it to feed and the gut is the perfect place for that to occur. The vagina is a perfect place for that to occur. The groin for jock itch, the toenails, these are all perfect environments for Candida.

How do you recognize it in the gut? How you recognize it in the gut, you look at the bloating. People will say to me, “I feel like I’m three months’ pregnant later in the day.” These are things I hear some women tell me or a guy will say, “I’ve got this big gut I can’t get rid of. Have a couple of beers and I burp and I’m fat and I bloat.”

I noticed this with my father for many years when I was a young guy growing up that dad would eat cookie after cookie after cookie. He would eat 15 or 20 cookies. He would have a cup of coffee with three/four teaspoons of white sugar in it. He would eat six or seven scoops of ice cream. Dad had an insatiable craving for sugary foods, and dad was always bloating. He was always burping and he used to fart like a horse. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a horse or a sheep fart, but man, they can fart. These animals can really fart. It’s a prolonged fart, which means there’s a lot of trapped gas inside that intestine. When you’ve got a lot of fermentation, you’ve got lots of farting. Lots of bloating. Burping, to a lesser extent. Burping occurs for other reasons, which I’ll talk about in another video, but generally bloating and gas are two primary things that you would look at for the gut.

Other more covert ways that Candida will present itself will be food allergies and what we call “leaky gut” syndrome. Leaky gut we’ll describe in a consequent video. But, yeah, bloating and gas would be the big ones, and the other one would be craving sugar. Wanting sweet foods, developing lots of gas and bloating, and the other one that you need to look for would be constipation or diarrhea or alternating, which is typical irritable bowel syndrome we commonly see with Candida as well. The diet becoming narrower and narrower in scope because the patient can’t tolerate certain foods. He’ll become increasing intolerant because of leaky gut. Allergies develop. Bloating gets worse. And that could become commoner symptoms like the skin itching, vaginal thrush flaring up, so often Candida with many people will start centrally and spread out peripherally. They’ll often have bloating on and off for a few months. Guys will laugh and joke about gas and bloating and think that it’s quite normal, but fermentation dysbiosis is not good.

Many experts believe that death starts in the bowel. If you look at guys like Dr. Norman Walker and a lot of the old experts, Dr. Birdie Jensen, people who really understood the gut function, colonics and cleansing, always said the same thing. Death begins in the colon. Toxic disease begins in the bowel, and what comes before that? Yeast infection is one of the prime things that gets in there. All Aids patients when they die have got yeast infection. Many people who die of cancer have got yeast infection, so we know that yeast infection is a contributing factor to a lot of chronic disease.

If you don’t want to go down that route, get the gut cleaned up and follow my three-stage Candida Crusher diet because it’s going to get rid of the Candida.

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