Mercury Chelation & Candida Connection

Greetings! Greetings! It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand, author of Candida Crusher, and formulator of the CanXida range of products. Thank you again for looking at my video. Today we’re going to talk about mercury chelation and Candida. Do I have to get all my fillings out? Do I need to get a mercury chelation?

This is a very interesting question, and some of my views are quite controversial on this matter. So, I was one of those people about 25 years ago that had all his amalgam fillings removed a long time ago now when a lot of people thought it was a load of bologna that mercury had really no bearing on making you sick. My doctor thought I was an idiot. My dentist thought I was a fool, so I had to track down a dentist that really was good at removing fillings. They would use a rubber dam and do a proper job. Back then, it was pretty hard to get really good composite or white fillings, and a lot of my fillings broke which had to get replaced and I ended up with a lot of dental problems as a consequence.

Today that’s a different matter. Maybe you’re one of these people that really believes that mercury is the main source of your Candida. Well, don’t jump straight into this hoop like a lot of people do. Some practitioners that you’re going to go to, some doctors or naturopaths or chiropractors, and even some integrated or functional medicine doctors will really hone in on mercury as being the key problem. Now I call those doctors one trick ponies. Everything is a mercury problem.

We’ve got some Lyme disease doctors. You’ve got a hemorrhoid? Lyme’s disease. You’ve got erectile dysfunction? Lyme’s disease. Your hair’s falling out? It’s got to be Lyme’s. Be careful not to fall into the trap of everything is reduced down to a mercury problem. It may well not be. Mercury is certainly linked up with yeast infection, but it’s the chicken or the egg. You’ve got to be careful. Don’t really go for the line that all your mercury fillings have to be removed, because then your Candida will magically disappear. That can often be promoted by someone who wants to make a couple thousand bucks out of you.

Here’s my take on it. Get a hair analysis done with a reputable lab like Doctor’s Data for example in Chicago. There are many different hair analysis labs around in America. There are some very good ones. So, get some hair taken from the nape of the neck and send it in and get that checked out for mercury levels. You may even want to do a urinary provocation test where you can take certain substances internally like DMSA for example a sulfhydryl compound that will bind to mercury and then you’ll pee it out and then the urine can be analyzed to see how much of a spill there is.

You can also get what I did. You can get an IV DMPS. A small amount gets put into the blood, and that’s a little bit more aggressive form of sequestering mercury, chelating it. Pulling it out and then dumping it into the bloodstream and then urine gets analyzed. But I can tell you this: You can give me a 100 people and I can do a provocation on a 100, and every single one is going to come back with stuff. With mercury, probably some arsenic, lead, probably other metals. Does that mean all of those people have got a Candida problem because they’re showing mercury in their urine?

We live in a world that’s full of chemicals. We can’t separate ourselves from the environment that we’re in, from the air, from the water, from the food. If you’re eating any commercial poultry, you’ll have arsenic in your body. If you live near any kind of highway or road, you’ll have cadmium in your body. Where does this crap come from? Well, I learned that cadmium is a metal used in the manufacturing of tires, so if you live near a road or anywhere near a highway, especially a big highway and you’re breathing in the air, which you probably are unless you walk around with gas canisters on your face all day. You’re probably going to be breathing in the air, so you’re probably going to have some cadmium levels. If you’re around any kind of factory, you’ll have elevations of various compounds in your body: nickel, cadmium, mercury.

In America they discovered not that long ago that a lot of the internal lakes were being poisoned by mercury and the environmental protection agency started to work out why: because they weren’t sufficiently stopping the mercury emissions from cremation chambers. The average person who is cremated has got up to 13 different fillings. So of course that mercury gets vaporized and if you cremate enough people, you’re going to have mercury shifting in the air and being dumped in the water.

So, the point I’m making is you can’t separate yourself from heavy metals. They’re around you all the time. The question is: how do you know that the heavy metals are causing the problem with your body? That they’re actually invoking a mercury response? Then some people will say, “Bakker, you’re a fool. Everyone needs detoxing. We all need to be squeaky clean. We shouldn’t have any chemicals in our bloodstream at all.” Well, I’m sorry, but we can’t live like that on planet Earth. Maybe if we shift over to Pluto or Mars or some other country or world or whatever, we might be free from this stuff, but living here you’ll never be free of chemicals.

You can take precautions. You can get the amalgam fillings taken out, but how long will it be before other chemicals come into the body? So, what am I trying to say to you? I’m saying be careful and don’t jump into the hoop that I did is to spend $4,000 or $5,000 to get all your fillings removed and think that was the silver bullet. Now, that I think back, it was a very small part of the silver bullet for me to get well. The biggest part of my recovery from Candida was understanding the link between my shitty job and my crappy personal relationships with people and some of the crap I was eating by making changes. But not only that, it was also then working with many thousands of patients for many, many, many years and seeing the links. Multiple links with lifestyle, diet, and stress and toxins being consumed for example and their outcomes when it came to Candida or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

So mercury certainly is linked up with Candida, but don’t see it as the be it-end-all. Don’t think that if you get all your amalgams replaced, and get all composite fillings put in that ka-ching! you wake up in the morning and “Oh my God, everything’s so beautiful! I feel amazing!” It doesn’t work like that. It’s an expensive process. It may help you. It’s helped some of my patients as part of their recovery, but then again they made a lot of changes on many fronts, so it’s very hard to tell you, “Yes, it’s the biggest thing you need to do is get your fillings taken out.”

I tend to put it on the backburner for a while and say to people, “Let’s look at your lifestyle. Let’s look at how long you stay up on the internet. Let’s look at the kind of relationships you’ve got with people you’re close to or people you work with. Let’s look at the kind of shitty foods that you’re eating, how much alcohol you’re drinking.” These are the more important things to me, because we cannot separate ourselves from our environment. We can clean ourselves up, but ultimately toxins will come back in again to a high degree.

So that’s my take on it for what it’s worth. Do the homework. Do the hair test. Do the provocation test. Work out the costs of this. Work out also the cost to you in terms of making broad sweeping lifestyle changes and job changes, career changes, diet changes, attitude changes. All these things to me are more important than getting some fillings pulled out of your mouth and thinking that it’s Alice in Wonderland. You’re going to live in this fantasy land of fantastic health because you’ve done that one blooming thing. That’s my take on it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and I’ll be very curious to see some of the comments I get. I might have to turn some of the comments off because some of the comments I’ve been getting have not been too good. It’s incredible how many trolls are out there and some of the hate mail I’ve received from people. But folks, I’m doing all this for free. I don’t expect anything in return. Give me your views on what it was like when you got all your amalgams taken out. Did you wake up 500 pounds lighter, 10 years younger and the whole world changed for you? I’d like to hear about it.

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Colonics for Candida Treatment and Cleanse

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath, author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the CanXida range of supplements. Thank you so much for checking out this video. I’ve got a question here from a man in Chicago called Paul Shear, and Paul’s asking me a question: “Eric, are colonics good for Candida?” That’s a great question Paul, and I may have done a video on this one already, I’m not sure, but I’m just going to reply to your question that you asked me through YouTube.

So, colonics are excellent. I really think colonics are good. Now, let’s not get colonics confused with enemas, because there are a big difference between them both. If you’re going to get a colonic done, I want you to go to someone who’s registered, particularly with the International Colon Hydrotherapy Association. Somebody who’s actually good and knows what they’re doing. There are some backyard operators. You need to go to a person with a good skillset, preferably someone with a few more years on the clock. Someone in their 40s, 50s or 60s. Someone who’s done thousands of colonics. These people are fantastic.

I’ve got a few friends that are colon hydrotherapists and we often discuss cases. Interesting thing is we discuss over lunch, so that’s not really the kind of topic you want to talk about when you’ve got a mouthful of food, but I don’t worry about things like that. I’ve got a very good friend in Wellington, New Zealand who is New Zealand’s most experienced colon hydrotherapist. She’s a wonderful lady and we’ve discussed many cases. I’ve referred many patients to her. The outcomes have been absolutely fantastic.

Colonics work well when used in conjunction with the correct diet and lifestyle and supplementation. They form a beautiful adjunct to the diet. But Paul, I don’t want you thinking you can have three or four cups of coffee, five cigarettes a day, couple of beers at night, and then have a colonic and think it’s going to fix everything up. I want you to try and understand that colonics are the icing on the cake. They should only be used if you expect a high level of effectiveness of treatment with the correct therapy when all used at the same time.

It’s no different from going to the gym three or four times a week and expecting a good outcome if you’re going to have pizzas every night for dinner. You’re not going to do that, are you? If you’re going to spend money on gym fees, you’re probably going to want to have some good vegetables at night with some proteins. You’re not going to want to have this deep-fried muck that people eat. You get my point.

The point is a colonic hydrotherapy should be used as part of the overall treatment program, and I want you to follow the lead of the colon therapist. A good colon hydrotherapist will actually be able to very carefully guide you. He or she will have the experience to know how many sessions you need and when you need them and will also give you some very good dietary advice at the same time.

It’s good that you’ve also asked me about stool testing. I can certainly help you out with that regard. It’s quite clever to have a comprehensive stool test done as part of your treatment program as well, particularly if you’re going to incorporate colonics into that treatment program. Because you’ll be able to work out if you need beneficial bacteria, what types you need, how much you need, do you need to work on parasites and bacteria at the same time, do you have a yeast infection. So all of these questions will be answered with a stool test and then the colonics can be tailored to suit your particular treatment. Some people benefit from a colonic twice a week. Some people from once every fortnight, but that’s for the colon therapist to determine.

Good colon hydrotherapy will make you feel really good. You’ll sleep better. Your energy will be improved. Most of your digestive discomfort will disappear. It’s a fantastic treatment. I prefer people to get professional treatment rather than to try home treatments. When you’ve got experience with colon hydrotherapy, it’s okay to start using enemas. You can use enemas, but once you’ve had the experience of a really good colonic, you’ll probably want to go back regularly for a while to the colon therapist to get to a high level.

I’ve got a good friend in England who is an exceptionally good colon hydrotherapist. He’s an amazing guy. I really don’t think it’s a crazy therapy. I think it’s a fantastic therapy and it works quite well. Not just for Candida patients, but I recommend it for helicobacter pylori, small intestinal bacterial problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, food poisoning people, many different types of inflammations, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, many of these conditions respond to a very good colon cleansing treatment regime. There’s no doubt about it. I’m all for it.

So I hope that answers your question, Paul. Go onto Google, find someone who’s registered, someone who’s very good. Hamish Tailyour is my English friend. I think he works in the southern part of England, I’m not quite sure. He’s very good. Hamish uses the gravity system which is the old fashioned method of colonics. There’s a new system and the old system.

As I said, find someone who’s good, and you’ll get a good outcome. Don’t forget to click on my link below if you haven’t got my report, and please subscribe. Thanks for tuning in.

Natural Treatment for Gallstones

Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for checking out my video. This is just another video in the gallstone series. We’re going to talk about the best treatment for gallstones. Please check out my video which I have done previously on liver detox, and also liver and gallbladder flushing. I’m pretty sure I’ve done those already.

Doing a liver cleanse is a very smart idea, a liver detox, but I generally recommend you do that after you’ve gained a reasonable amount of wellness. If you have a bowel problem or a Candida problem or a parasite problem, it really pays for you to tidy these areas up first and get to a high level of health before you start doing detox.

Many people have got a poor level of bacteria in their gut, lots of yeast infection there, bacteria or SIBO problems, leaky gut, and they try and do major detox and cleanses and have multiple colonics and coffee enemas and they start using all this kind of weird stuff to try and clean out the gut. This can really irritate and upset a person. I prefer that you get your health up to a reasonable level before you get into cleansing and not use cleansing as the main way to get well. It’s not a good idea. There’s a different between, I should say cleanse and a detox. What I should’ve said is detoxing is not a good idea to get an amazing level of health. You should try and obtain a reasonable level of health before you start doing a detox. A cleanse is a little bit different from a detox. I’ve written about this in Candida Crusher. Cleansing in my mind means taking crap out of your diet, getting involved with exercise and lifestyle changes, doing all the things you can to make your body healthier.

Detox is entirely different. That to me means that you’re going to actually take things to help purge and remove rubbish from the body. That often includes dry skin brushing, saunas, colonics, things like that. That’s just based on my experience.

A good treatment for gallstones? Diet. Naturally. You’re going to work with a high quality diet, which is cleansing in its own right. Eating the right kind of foods which I’ve mentioned in a previous video. The bitter foods. Avoiding the sugars and the bad fats. Initially, if you’re very sick with a gallstone problem, you may need to even to avoid coconut oil and fat. I’ve seen many people get very sick and feel terrible after taking even a tablespoon a day. But after their gallbladder got cleaned up, they could tolerate it quite easily.

Doctors will tell you that there’s no link between feeling sick and gallstones, but I can tell you that’s a load of crap. There is. Many people with a gallstone problem can’t tolerate a fatty diet. It can make them feel very sick. If you’re like that, you may have a gallstone problem. And in that case, you may want to do some cleansing and work your way towards a liver and gallbladder flush.

Digestive enzymes are a very smart move for a person with a liver or gallbladder problem. Why? Because you still want the body to break up fats efficiently. You want to have a very good digestive function. You may well have compromised stomach, pancreatic problem, as well as a gallbladder problem.

Check out my CanXida Restore product. It’s a very powerful enzyme probiotic combination which I use for people with all kinds of digestive problems. It’s not just for Candida patients. I use it very often for people with a gallstone problem. I use it for people with indigestion. Inflammatory bowel disease. Irritable Bowel disease. Small intestinal bacterial problem. Leaky gut syndrome. Food allergies. There are many reasons I would use that product.

The other thing I should tell you is food allergies are very closely linked with gallstone formation. In a few studies, they found that a very high percentage of people with gallstones had a food allergy, so by continually eating that food, it helped and sharply contributed to gallstone formation. Get checked out if you suspect that you’re very sensitive to a food or have an allergy to a food, because it may mean that you’re contributing towards a gallstone problem.

When I went to Seattle in 2003, I went to a very interesting seminar and had Dr. Alan Gaby speaking from America who believes there’s a very powerful link between food allergy and gallstone. So if you’re a female watching this and you suspect you’ve got a food allergy and you can relate to the four Fs we spoke about: Forty, Fat, Fertile, Flatulent, you may be a sitting duck for a gallstone problem.

Let’s just summarize that again. The best treatment for gallstones? Awareness of allergens in the diet and to take them out. Bitter foods to include into the diet. Removal of wrong kind of fats, and maybe a lot of fats initially, and especially sugars, sweet foods from the diet. Very important considerations to make when it comes to treatment.

Also, weight loss is a key thing. It’s invariable that most people that are overweight and especially obese people. Obese people will all have gallstones. They’ll be full of gallstones. If you’ve had a recent sharp weight loss, you could also be a candidate for gallstones. Many women I’ve found that when they lose weight rapidly, the liver has to work very hard at burning up the fat. The bile flow becomes impaired and the stones become very much formed. I’ll show you some pictures now of a lady who exactly that happened to with rapid weight loss and she had five flushes.

These are five separate gallbladder flushes, and on each flush, you can see clearly all these different gallstones coming out just from five different flushes. Photos like this I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of times from patients which I’ve worked with to do successful gallbladder flushes over the years. Don’t be scared of doing a gallbladder flush. I know. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve personally supervised in an excess of a thousand women to do this flush. I know one doctor in Australia, he’s done over ten-thousand flushes with patients. Don’t let the medical professionals scare you and make you think that you will die some awful painful death if you do a gallbladder flush. You can clearly see from these pictures you can remove this crap from the body.

So, treatment again: do the gallbladder flush. You can google it. You can find this sort of information online. I’m not the only one who does flushes. I’ve done flushes for probably 25 years with patients. Basically involves lemon juice and olive oil. It’s a simple procedure. Or you can be like me and just include lemon juice and olive oil into your diet on a regular basis, which is going to help to stop the formation of gallstones anyway, especially if you have a lot of lemon juice and quite a bit of olive oil. This will help considerably.

Don’t forget: Diet, take some digestive enzymes like CanXida Restore is going to help quite a lot. I also often recommend anti-microbial. There’s many people with gallstones that actually harbor parasites in their body. We know that gallstones can contain bacteria or parasites and form a focal point for bugs to live in. So check out the CanXida Remove. That’s going to help a lot with that. Especially if you do a gallbladder flush, take CanXida Remove, take the Restore before during and after the flush, and you’ll come out looking quite good.

That’s it for this video. Don’t forget to click on the link if you haven’t got my shopping list, subscribe, and we’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for tuning in.