Candida Question #38 How Long Will It Take For Supplements To Treat Yeast Infection?

Note: This is FAQ 38 and not 39 I made a mistake in the video.

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To answer that question, my question to you would be how severe is your yeast infection and how long have you had it for? And also how sensitive are you to taking supplements? Some people are sensitive others not sensitive and others are extremely sensitive

A way to reply to this question would be to say, you need to take the supplements as long as you derive benefit from supplements. But in my experience, many people are actually let down by their practitioners because they will be on a bottle or container of a product say two or three weeks and then that’s it. They won’t derive benefit from it, they stop taking it, and then they go onto another product or another doctor and this will happen for 1 to 5, 10 or even 20 years. The patient will be going from one supplement to another.

I’ve had patients come to me that are on 37 different supplements at the same time. And I’ve written about one such case in my book, an amazing amount of supplements. You can imagine how many tablets or capsules per day this would amount to and the cost factor is ridiculous. I believe supplements are necessary, but you need to take the right products in the right dosage and for as long as it takes for you to derive benefit from these supplements.

Many patients, unfortunately, will stop taking the products just as they derive benefit from them. Could it be a cost factor? Could it be because they forgot to take them? I don’t really know, but there are many reasons why people unfortunately stop taking supplements as they really need them. So if it is a cost factor, just reduce the dosage, take less, but be diligent in taking them regularly. Supplements are best taken three times per day generally with meals.

So another thing you can do to determine the level of Candida you have is to do my yeast infection survey. So go to and complete my survey to work out whether you have mild, moderate or severe Candida. This will give you a good idea also, not just on the severity, but on how much product you will need. And as you take them and your diet and lifestyle improve, you need less, but keep taking them until you no longer derive benefit.

How do you know? Easy, you just stop taking them for two or three weeks and then resume again. And if you get benefit again, you still need them. That’s one good way to gauge.

So I hope that answers your question, but you’ll find a lot more information on the correct dietary supplements in Candida Crusher, Chapter 7, Section 4. You can read all about the special foods and the right dietary supplements to take with a yeast infection.

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