Can yeast infection cause fever?

Hi there, Erik Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher with another question I get asked from time to time.

Is my yeast infection causing a fever?

So a good question. Yeast infections don’t really cause fevers as such, but they can cause a lot of different immune dysfunctions. I do commonly find, particularly in males and some females, too, but I’ve found it most in males. They can get a lot sweating and feeling flushed and hot, and this will often be associated with fermentation in the gut.

So when you think of fermentation, you’ve basically got yeast and sugar generating a lot of gas and that can create body odor and heat as well. Heat can be a byproduct from fermentation or warmth. And I can certainly associate sweating and smelly body odor with fermentation and a yeast infection as well.

So if you’ve got bloating, gas, sweet cravings, and armpits and groin that smell, feet that smell, and a strong sweet craving, you could have a lot of gas going on here and fermentation. And I certainly associate that with a yeast infection.

Fevers may come about through immune dysfunction on other pathways as well. Generally, I wouldn’t associate a strong fever with a yeast infection, but I’m sure that there could be some link between them both indirectly. I haven’t really researched that to any great degree, but there could well be a link. But I would associate heat more with fermentation.

So I hope that answers your question. Thanks for your question.

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