Can waxing cause vaginal yeast infections?

Thanks for checking out this video. Here’s a question I got asked only about a month ago by a patient. I wrote it down. I think I’ve actually answered this question on my website, Eric, can waxing cause a yeast infection? Can I get a yeast infection from having waxing?

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I don’t think you can and I believe, in fact, the opposite occurs. If you get waxing done every now and then, it can probably keep the area cleaner by reducing the amount of pubic hair in the area.

There are pros and cons of waxing different parts of the body. Some people say that it disrupts the epithelial of the skin layer and it disrupts the pH of the skin. It can make you more prone to damage and infection. Other people say the opposite. They say that it actually is very good for areas like in an armpit and pubic hair, but I don’t think it’s a real problem.

I think the big thing with a yeast infection is to look at the hygiene, look at the cleanliness, and look at the diet and the lifestyle. These things I keep drumming into you people with my YouTube clips. You need to look at the whole picture. I don’t really believe that waxing every now and then really contributes to yeast infection at all.

The big thing with men with groin, for example, and jock itch, they need to trim their public hair and keep the area dry. And some of the females with thrush, especially if it’s around the mons pubis, around the vulvar area. Keep that area relatively dry. After you’ve had a shower or during a shower, trim the pubic hair, use a hair dryer after to dry the area thoroughly, use cotton underclothing. And when you’ve got any irritation in the area, make sure you shower twice per day, once a day is not enough. Twice per day. When you get up in the morning, have a shower, and before you retire at night, have a shower. Very smart idea because yeast hates dryness. It hates clean cotton underclothing. It likes sweaty things like pantyhose and nylon and these sorts of things. That’s how you’re going to encourage it. So, of course, reducing pubic hair allows more air to flow around the area and keeps the area dryer.

So to answer your question, no. I don’t really think that regular waxing contributes to a yeast infection.

Thanks for your inquiry.

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