Can my partner get yeast infection if I have it?

Thank you for tuning into this video today. Here’s a question I get asked quite regularly. If I have a yeast infection, does my partner have it, too?

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Well, let’s just examine that in a bit more detail. If you’re a female with a vaginal yeast infection and you have a partner, there is a probability that your partner has this yeast infection and you can be passing it from partner to partner. So this goes whether you’ve got a female partner or a male partner because it’s highly probable. So even though a vaginal yeast infection is not a STD, it’s not a sexually transmitted disease, it can certainly be passed on sexually from person to person. I’ve seen this on many occasion. I’ve seen many women recover from thrush or vaginal infection only to end up having recurrence and recurrence. I’ve seen this quite often in women in relationships. So it’s well worth getting yourself checked out and treated, but also particularly having your partner checked out and treated, too. So instead of what I call “passing the parcel” from one person to another, it’s important for both people in the relationship to be treated for a Candida yeast infection.

So I’d also like you to check out my online quiz. My quiz you will find on that will give you a pretty good understanding if there’s a probability of a mild, moderate, or severe probability of having a yeast infection. If you’re a guy with jock itch, there is also a possibility you can pass a yeast infection onto a female or a male partner. I’ve certainly seen this also occur. But it’s more likely for females passing on to male, then male to female, but it can occur either way.

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The product Canxida that you’ll find on is a fantastic anti-fungal product, which works very well on both male and female. So if the female has a yeast infection, it’s good for her partner to take the Canxida as well. When an anti-fungal is working on both people, there’s a greater chance that you’re not going to be passing it backwards and forwards whether you’re male or female.

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Thank you for your attention.

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