Can lufenuron treat candida forever?

I’ve got a question here asked from a patient in America. Does Lufenuron kill Candida? No, it doesn’t kill Candida. It doesn’t kill it at all. In fact, the two websites that promote this product claim that it helps to inhibit the cell wall of Candida and, therefore, helps to eradicate it.

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This is a line of crap. Science has shown that in 2005 research was conducted at the University of California showing it was a completely ineffective Candida cell wall membrane inhibitor. So I would not recommend you purchase this product at all and stick with the more traditional antifungal medicines that were designed for their intended purpose.

Lufenuron, a chitin synthesis inhibitor, was designed by a chemical company to get rid of fleas. Unless you’re infested with fleas, you’ve got them all over your body, all around your scrotum, all around the vaginal area, fleas in your hair, and fleas inside your tummy, whatever, it may be effecting, but not many people I see are covered in fleas, so I recommend you avoid this product like the plague.

I’ve seen too many patients with massive side effects from taking Lufenuron and I don’t want you to be another person who contacts me saying, “I think I got scammed. I took this product. I feel sick.

What am I going to do? I contacted the people I purchased it from. I’ve heard nothing back. Eric, help me please?”

Now I’ve had many emails like that. I’ve had many Skype consultations like that, so I don’t want you to be another one of those people, so please avoid this product and stick with more traditional things like garlic and oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, these are things that are proven to work.

There’s even many university studies in varying states around the U.S., the U.K., and Germany, different places like that, that endorse these sorts of natural products. Science has shown that garlic, for example, is a highly effective antifungal, but it’s not just an antifungal, also it helps to keep the blood thin, reduces blood pressure, has many effects on the immune system, so these are very good things for you to take. And they’re also foods. You can actually buy these things as foods and take them as standardized medicines as well. But to take chemical treatments designed to kill fleas, it’s not a good idea, so please avoid these sham treatments.

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