Can I have white discharge if I have male yeast infection?

Thanks for checking out my video. This is an interesting video today on male yeast infection. Can a male yeast infection cause white discharge?

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Yes, it can. It’s not dissimilar to a female yeast infection. It can occur in circumcised males or uncircumcised males for sure. Discharge can also occur if the infection is just not locally around the penis. It can also occur if the yeast infection is deeper inside, even in the prostate region. I’ve seen guys with significant white discharge with major prostatitis, so it can occur. Pain can be felt going up into the groin region. It can be like pain here, low down in the tummy region. You can even feel like you’ve been punched or kicked in that area if you’ve got prostatitis. It can be a severe pain. But the infection can also be local causing the white discharge.

Some of the typical causes of this can be sexual transmission. Whether you’re straight or gay, this can be transmitted. Antibiotics is one of the causes. Being a diabetic, generally you’re going to urinate out potentially urine with a high glucose load and, of course, that’s a yummy food for yeast. There’s also some talk that some of the spermicidal lubricants and even condom lubricants can create these sorts of problems there as well. Just be careful, particularly the sexual transmission.

Guys are often recommended to use Monistat cream, which I think is quite ridiculous, a female cream. Some say it works really well, others say they have no effect with it. Generally, tea tree oil products, tea tree oil soap or the water-soluble oil mixed with a bit of water is going to work quite well for a wash. Hygiene and washing and regular underclothing changes are key things to do to prevent this from spreading and also to shut it right down. You also need to look at your diet, of course, to shut this down. But yes, white discharge is common and I’ve certainly heard of this from a male yeast infection.

I hope that answers the question. Thanks for tuning in.

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