Can Candida Make You Feel Hot? Like Hot Flashes?

Can Candida cause hot flashes? Can it cause hot flashes? Or can it make you feel hot? Can it make you feel sweaty? Yes, it can. In some cases, I’ve seen patients complaining about this particular symptom. It can happen at nighttime. It can happen after ingesting certain foods with a lot of sugar or soda drinks. It can also be a part of what we call “fermentation dysbiosis.” The yeast inside the body is feeding on more and more sugar, and it can cause problems with your immune system. It can cause inflammatory response. It can also cause an up regulation[?] of various parts of the brain. It can make you sweat and flush.

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Although it’s not very common, it certainly can occur. So not to be confused with hot flashes that occur with menopause, these are a different kind of hot flash. Those flashes will be associated generally with a particular age group of women and for other hormonal reasons which are really beyond the scope of this video.

But yes, it can occur. The thing to look out for, if you think that you’ve got hot flashes associated with Candida and gas and bloating and sugar cravings, it might also pay to get your blood checked, to have a good look at the white blood cell count to see if there’s anything not quite right there.

Have you had antibiotics recently? It’s a good question to ask. Again, if in doubt, go and see your health care professional and discuss your concerns with him or her to see what’s going on. But I have seen hot flashes associated with Candida; there’s no doubt about it.

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