Can Candida build resistant to coconut oil?

Thanks for checking out this video today. As you’ve probably noticed by now, I get lots and lots and lots of frequently asked questions regarding Candida yeast infections. Some relate to different foods. Some relate to different antifungals or probiotics. Some relate to different types of yeast infections.

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Here’s an interesting question I got from Pauline in New Jersey, USA. Can Candida become resistant to coconut oil?

Not really. You’re not going to find it really being much of a problem, coconut oil and Candida. The amazing thing with natural foods, particularly like garlic and coconut oil, is they contain many different types of ingredients, many of them. We’ve got different types of essential fatty acids. For example, in coconut oil, we’ve got Caprylic acid and we’ve got Capric acid, so one contains a few more carbons in its chain than the other. All it basically means is when you’ve got complex natural substances that you take in to fight a yeast infection, you’re going to have a much more powerful broad-spectrum effect.

And the other thing I like about natural products is they vary in their potency depending on the type of product that you take, so the qualities vary as well. You can get, for example, fermented coconut products. You can get unfermented. You can get organic. You can get commercial. So it pays to buy a high-grade product. I really don’t think it makes any difference if you’re going to use a fermented coconut product or unfermented. I’ve not found much difference in my clinic with that.

If you’re going to take coconut in your diet as an antifungal, here’s what you do. You look at coconut cream, coconut milk, and coconut oil. I like, for example, making up different types of curries. My wife and I like curries with coconut in them, so I tend to use the full coconut cream in those curries. I also like cooking with coconut oil and also like mixing the coconut oil in with salads as well. It gives it quite a nice taste. Coconut blends also with garlic; would you believe it? It blends with many other different kinds of fruits and vegetables and even meats, so you can use it in cooking on quite a regular basis.

Candida is not going to really have a problem with coconut oil if you’re going to use it in dosages ranging from one tablespoon up to five tablespoons per day. Always start with a small dose of coconut oil. Don’t start too high. I recommend if you’ve got a major yeast infection, start with a teaspoon per day or even half a teaspoon and gradually build up until you tolerate a tablespoon. Morning some people say is good. I’m not convinced. I prefer to use it with lunchtime and with evening meal. When you can get your doses up to a higher rate of say two or three tablespoons per day, you’ll find also you can have some in with a smoothie in the morning. Blueberries and coconut cream mix quite well. You can even put a few teaspoons or a tablespoon of coconut oil in with that.

I don’t really believe you’re going to get a problem with resistance at all with coconut oil. If you’re going to use a high-grade quality product, you can vary the dosages and you’re going to use several types of coconut products in your diet. Desiccated coconut or the copra or the flesh of the coconut, green coconut water, which I just love to drink when I go to tropical countries or drink the juice of one coconut per day. It’s very, very sterile, antifungal, antibacterial and has a great effect on cleansing the GI tract. You can’t go wrong with coconut, so make sure you use it as part of your Candida Crusher killing program.

Thanks for tuning into this video today.

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