Can baking soda help with candida infection?

Thank you for tuning in. Is baking soda and molasses good for Candida? What a weird question. Who would want to mix baking soda and molasses together for Candida, for a yeast infection? I get all these emails from people with wacky cures for Candida. One guy recommends to put a little bit of battery acid in water, just a teaspoon, and drink that. People come up with the craziest ideas on how to eradicate Candida. Crazy people often have crazy ideas.

Why the hell would you want to have molasses with yeast infection or even mix it with something like sodium bicarbonate, baking soda? It’s not really a good idea. People have got this weird idea that if they neutralize the acidity in the body, if they adjust the pH with things like bicarbonate, for example, that they can eradicate Candida. It’s pretty dumb. It doesn’t really work. It’s not going to work at all.

The only way you’re going to eradicate Candida properly is by a multi-stage approach, which I’ve talked about many times on my videos. Lifestyle, diet, looking at stresses in your life, taking an antifungal kind of an approach, to both diet and a supplement, and then just being persistent and persistent long enough. Looking at how you live and all these sorts of things need adjusting. Just with swallowing a drink with a concoction or something is not going to work. These are silver bullets and magic cures that people seem to think are going to work. It’s almost as crazy as thinking you can cure Candida in 12 hours. Weird.

Definitely don’t take molasses, bicarbonate or baking soda. I take it the person is meaning bicarbonate soda, we can use sometimes for neutralizing things in the body like over acidity in the gut, but I would use bicarbonate of soda to clean out the source. But if there’s a bit of burn in there – my wife does that. She’ll put some water in there, a bit of bicarbonate and then heat that up. I wouldn’t use bicarbonate for other reasons. Some people claim it even cures cancer.

It’s up to you. If you want to believe these sorts of things and try them out, but often people argue who’ve tried these things out send me emails saying you had major aggravations or severe die off. When you’re going to try these crazy things, there is a possibility you’re going to get a crazy result, and it’s generally not in your favor either. The crazy result will often be a major aggravation.

I wouldn’t recommend you try the baking soda approach with molasses. It’s not really a good idea. I hope that answers your question.

Thank you.

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