Can I experience bloating because of threelac?

Thank you for checking out this video today. I routinely get asked questions from people from all around the world regarding what are the best antifungal products to use when it comes to yeast infections. The best probiotics. The best dietary supplements. The best oils. External treatment. Internal treatment. The best foods. I get asked many questions on YouTube, on Skype, through consultations, and also through emails from patients in almost 100 countries now. Thank you for all your amazing feedback. And also, I do apologize if I can’t personally respond to all of your many thousands of emails I get. I do have people helping me out, but with just the sheer volume of emails, it sometimes precludes me from answering every single email.

I get many questions regarding ThreeLac. Here’s a whole sheet on just ThreeLac questions. Can ThreeLac cause bloating? One lady asked. Another person asked here. Is ThreeLac involved with maybe causing my diarrhea? I’m getting constipation. Could ThreeLac be the cause of this because it started since I started taking ThreeLac? Gas, bloating, headaches, all sorts of problems I get with ThreeLac.

This is one of the reasons why I stopped using the ThreeLac. Now the people at Global Health Tracks will call me a fool and say that I’m wrong. But I can tell you now, I’ve used ThreeLac for many years with clients and I gave it a good run. I purchased it. I started using it on clients all around New Zealand and Australia. I was sending it different places, and I found very limited results with this product.

I do find, however, there are advantages to ThreeLac, which I haven’t seen with other products and I quite like the little straws or packets that it comes in. It’s a fantastic delivery system. Unfortunately, the product in my opinion doesn’t really live up to its expectations. I think it’s been pushed on people too hard with a promise of curing Candida. Some websites I’ve seen here in New Zealand and Australia claim you don’t even need to have a proper diet, just take this product and this will get rid of Candida.

I can tell you now; I’ve treated thousands of patients with yeast infections. This is a load of garbage, absolute garbage. Without the proper lifestyle and diet change, dietary supplements are a complete waste of time. In fact, three quarters of your attention needs to be drawn toward lifestyle and diet. Dietary supplements make up a small part of the equation when it comes to getting rid of a yeast infection.

Bloating with ThreeLac. Why is it a reality with a lot of people that I see? I must have had a dozen emails just in the last three months alone with bloating and gas with ThreeLac. Predominantly from the U.S. where a lot of this is sold, but also in Australia and New Zealand I get this quite a bit.

If we look at this product, it’s not hard to see why. They’re actually putting different kinds of sugars in this product. They even put canola oil in it and they even put casein, 30 parts per million, casein. An ingredient derived from milk, it says here. Why on earth would you put in casein, which is a highly potentially allergenic protein, in a product that’s supposed to help with bloating and gas? This is going to cause bloating and gas. It’s ridiculous to do this. Be aware. You’ve also got these sugars in there, erythritol, beta-Cyclodextrin. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but dextrins are kinds of sugars.

I’m not a big fan of ThreeLac and I give it the thumbs down as far as a Candida yeast infection is concerned. If you buy ThreeLac and you get bloating or gas, you send it straight back for a refund because it shouldn’t do this. Just be warned if you’ve got any kind of milk allergy or if you want to avoid sugars completely in your diet, especially sugars like this, and you’re not a big fan of canola oil like I am, avoid ThreeLac because I really don’t think it’s a fantastic product.

I hope that answers your question about ThreeLac and bloating. Thank you.

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