When Should I Take An Antifungal For Optimal Effect?

Question today is when should I take an antifungal? What’s the best time of the day to take it? Should I take it with food? Away from food? Should I take it at breakfast, lunch or dinner? Should I take it every second day? How often should I take it? When should I take it?

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Let’s look at that now. I believe the best time to take most products is with food. This is when your digestive system is at its most active. When you’re going to be producing acids and enzymes to help break things down and absorb things. Probiotics are best taken with food.

Dr. Khem Shahani from Nebraska, one of the original researchers of lactobacillus, I remember talking to Michael Shahani, his son. And Michael said, “Dad studied lactobacillus for nearly 30 years and said that it should always be taken with food.” Because it’s a bacteria. It likes to be in a warm moist environment. I believe antifungals are the same. You need to take them with food. Don’t take them with snacks so much, but take them with breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’re a sensitive person, start with a low dose; even break a tablet in half.

Canxida is a good product to take, which I helped develop with a company in the States, and I think it works extremely well. It’s got a sustained release quality about it. Most people can take one tablet twice per day straight up, and in most cases, three times per day. But if you’re sensitive, just break it in half. Start maybe with a half of a tablet with lunch and a half with dinner and slowly build up.

Breakfast and dinner are often the times people remember to take things, and they’ll often forget at lunchtime. It’s easy to forget a lunchtime dose. But when you get into the habit, you can soon remember to take a tablet at lunchtime as well, particularly if you’ve got the tablets where you’re preparing food. It’s all about habits. Habits take about three weeks to build up, and then you’ll be okay.

The answer is always take an antifungal with food for a better result. Thank you for tuning in.

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