Wheat Grass for Candida Diet

Greetings! Eric Bakker. Naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for tuning in to my video. I’m going to talk about wheat grass today. Wheat grass and Candida yeast infections. Wheat Grass is an interesting topic. I’ve been in this business for almost 30 years now and I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. I think wheat grass is a very good food, but I also think that it’s very overrated. Just like barley grass, spirulina, all these green kind of drinks.

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Bernard Jensen, the well-known iridologist and chiropractor from Escondido in California. He was a big fan of Ann Wigmore’s work; I think she came from Baltimore originally. Wigmore is a Lithuanian nutritionist with a very big interest in detoxification and cleansing. She had the Hippocrates Center on the Gulf Coast in Australia for many years. What a remarkable lady. I remember reading an article in a magazine: “Sexy at 60,” and there was this really stunning looking lady – I think she was about 65 years of age. It was Ann Wigmore. Ann Wigmore was one of the big promoters of wheat grass in the early days when we really promoted “green” drinks. Jensen said, “If it’s green inside, it’s clean inside.” Everyone’s got their take on different things, and there’s a lot of trends. Spirulina was very big in the 70s. Wheat grass became very popular in the 80s and 90s in particular. It was a very big thing. Wheat grass shots. Then a little bit later the barley grass came in.

You want me to be honest with you? I agree with Dr. McCullough that it’s very overrated. I think you’re going to get a lot more benefit from eating sprouts in your diet. Just go buy some mason jars with screw-top lids – you can get them from the health food shop with some fine mesh in there. I’m working on my kitchen – next year we’re going to renovate and revamp our kitchen and extend it right out. A big part of it is I love cooking – it’s a passion of mine. I’m going to show you folks a lot about how I eat. I’m going to talk about sprouting, I’m going to talk about how I make the sauerkraut and just show you my kind of thing, my take on it all. I think sprouting is phenomenal, and I do agree with McCullough that sprouting is cheap, easy, simple. You don’t need all this crap with trays of soil and grasses in it and stuff like that. If something’s really difficult to do, you’re not likely to do it and get enough benefit from it.

Wheat grass does contain lots of vitamin C. It does contain a lot of calcium. It contains a lot of polypeptides and amino acids. It’s actually high in protein and minerals. It inhibits things like superoxide dismutase or things in the body you don’t really want activated. It’s a very powerful antioxidant. Wigmore’s take on it was that “Well, cats and dogs eat grass, and they puke it up and it makes them healthy.” That was her theory. If animals would eat it and become sick, she believed it could be part of a human detoxification regime. Ann Wigmore was also “no dairy, no meat, no this, no that.” Just one of those “no everything” people. They get their diet down to a few things.

I can’t live like that, and I’m sure you don’t want to live like that either. I like to be able to go to a friend’s house where they’re having a nice beautiful outdoor pizza oven going and have a nice cold craft beer and a piece of pizza. That’s the type of naturopath I am. Saying that tonight, I’ve got a nice piece of salmon and a beautiful fresh green raw salad. I believe in common sense and balancing my diet with occasionally eating crap, but for the bulk of the time eating good food. I wouldn’t call craft beer and pizza crap, especially not when you’re with a lot of friends and you enjoy the company.

Is wheat grass good for Candida? That’s the question. I think it certainly has a place, but I wouldn’t say it’s “good” for Candida. I wouldn’t say it “cures” Candida or it’s going to eliminate all the parasites and bugs in your body. But I think that when people do go to the extent of having green shots regularly or actually growing their own wheat grass in containers and then juicing it, those people are very health conscious. Therefore, I think it is good, because people who go to that trouble to do that usually don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke tobacco, don’t go down to Kentucky Fried Chicken and have greasy stuff. They’re usually very health-minded people. That’s why it is good.

Do you see my take on it? It itself plays a role, but I think the more important role is the mindset of the person taking it. That’s the more important role – how they incorporate that juice or that product into their dietary and lifestyle regime. That’s the important part. I really want you to understand that. There’s no magic silver product that’s going to magically cure you or transform you into an amazingly healthy person like Superman or something like that. Don’t start thinking like that.

I keep telling you folks on my YouTube videos – I’ve seen many people with very average basic diets that are in very good health. I’ve seen plenty of people with the most anally clean tidy diets that are as sick as can be, too. Just by drinking wheat grass juice is no guarantee you’re going to live to 140 and never get a hemorrhoid. Don’t think like that.

I love wheat grass shots, and I think they’re a very powerful adjunct. I think having one or two shots per day to me is like walking around the block for three or four miles. It’s a perfect adjunct to add into your dietary regime. Will it cure Candida? If you take three gallons of wheat grass juice a day, will you get rid of your cancer and arthritis? I don’t think so. Doesn’t work like that.

Same with spirulina, which is a freshwater alga. There are a lot of people who swear by spirulina tablets. A lot of people who drink “green” barley drinks all the time and swear by that. I’m going to do some more videos on my take on “green” juices and juicing all the time. We’re living in this juice craze at the moment. I think a lot of people are overdoing these juices. Getting really loose with juice, it’s crazy. Too much juice. You shouldn’t be drinking all these green juices every morning instead of breakfast. I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

Protein is what you need for breakfast. Chewing is what you need to do. People who chew better, poo better. I don’t think people who drink, poo better. I really don’t think that drinking juice is the be all, end all like non-gluten in the diet is supposed to be. I know I’m raving on with this video, but just to basically summarize everything: wheat grass juice is healthy, I will not deny that. But, I don’t believe it’s going to cure Candida or eradicate it. People who take wheat grass juice in regularly or daily tend to be very health conscious people. It’s the totality of all the things they’re doing in their diet and lifestyle including the wheat grass that will improve their health, not just those shots.

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