What is candida cleanse? Should I do cleanse before candida diet?

What is a Candida cleanse? What does it mean? Is it a detox? What does this term mean? It’s a question I get asked from time to time by people in the clinic here. How can I clean myself up from Candida?

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Well, a Candida cleanse in my mind is really an overall holistic program that you’re looking at. A detox does form part of it. Candida cleanse means to reduce the population in the body. It’s a pretty dumb idea to think that you can kill all the Candida or cleanse your body of all the yeast. You can’t do that anymore than you can clean your garden up of all the weeds and all the bacteria and have it all sterile. It just doesn’t work. The stuff is going to come in from all over the place.

Most people have got some element of Candida in their body that’s kept in check, kept in control by beneficial bacteria and by the natural physiological homeostatic balance mechanisms of the body, and there are many different systems that help to regulate your system and keep it perfectly balanced. Nature is quite complex, but it has very simple requirements. It’s something I’ve always been taught to believe.

So your body also has got very simple requirements in terms of food. Simple requirements in terms of rest and relaxation. Plenty of pure water. Plenty of fresh air. All the basic things that we’re taught as naturopaths to instill in our clients to get them to maintain optimal health. These are the things that help to cleanse the body from Candida. Not super-duper, way out crazy protocols or weird diets. It’s basic stuff, but many people don’t do the basic things right and that’s why they get themselves in problems. They go to bed too late. They eat too much sugar. They drink too much booze. They just overdo things. Tend to neglect the body. When you neglect the body, problems start happening.

My book, Candida Crusher, was written for people like you with Candida yeast infection and I assume you’ve got a Candida problem or that’s perhaps why you’re looking at this video today, so you can relate to that. Check out my many articles on yeastinfection.org and do my quiz. The quiz will help you determine what degree you’ve got a yeast infection, then you can work out whether it’s important for you to do a cleanse or not.

When I think of the words Candida cleanse, I’m thinking more about the term Candida program, a holistic program. There are many different books out there that give you the promise of Candida cure. Yeast Infection No More is one of them. The Candida Diet is another one of them. The 24-Hour Yeast Cure is another one. There’s a whole bunch of them. Most of them all fall short of the mark.

I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet here, but what I’m trying to say is it took me three years to write a book where I looked at all aspects of cleansing the body from Candida. It was very important for me to explain to you that it’s not just a matter of eating foods, focusing on food, food, food all the time. That’s what the Candida Diet book does. It’s just basically a big food book. Yeast Infection No More book is a little bit better, but it lacks the most important parts that I’ve included in Candida Crusher. It lacks to put strong emphasis on the fact that stress and an imbalanced lifestyle is often what keeps the Candida going on and on in somebody’s body.

They may partially recover, but then they relapse again. And that’s the big problem with yeast infection is people don’t really put all the pieces of the puzzle together properly if they want to cleanse their body from the yeast infection.

So check out yeastinfection.org as I mentioned. And if you’re interested, buy my book because it’s going to give you all the pieces of the puzzle that you’re looking for.

Thanks for tuning in.

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