What are the best herbal medicines to get rid of candida?

Thanks for tuning in. What herbs can I take if I have Candida? What are the best herbal medicines that will have very strong antifungal activity that allows me to overcome a yeast infection? Thanks for asking this question.

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There are many different herbs you can take, but probably my favorite herbs to recommend to a patient would be garlic, Pau d’Arco, Pau d’Arco from the rainforest of South America, it’s a beautiful antifungal herb, clove, Neem, berberine, black walnut extract. These five would be probably my pick.

Garlic. If you’re going to take garlic, make sure you eat a good quality, organically grown garlic every day, one small clove, cut it in pieces, swallow with a bit of food or crush it lightly and swallow it whole like a capsule or a tablet. Preferably with food because you could burn your empty tummy. Very powerful antifungal thing to take.

Pau d’Arco. You can actually buy Pau d’Arco. Make sure you get a certified proper Pau d’Arco. There’s a lot of scam products on the market. It’s got to be a good quality one. Your really good local organic health food shop will have this product hopefully. I drink usually one cup of Pau d’Arco every afternoon during my afternoon clinic. I like Pau d’Arco. It’s got a nice sort of flavor and it forms a good base for many different herbal teas you can put on top of that, so Pau d’Arco tea.

Neem. Neem Azadirachta, or Neem, is a tree from India. It’s a very, very good herb for parasites. If you can get some Neem oil, for example, or a Neem extract, it’s really good to use in your vegetable garden. I tend to use it for spraying. I use no chemicals at all anywhere in the yard for weeds or anything. Everything’s natural. You can get Neem actually for spraying in the veggie garden or on fruit trees as well. Antiparasite, antifungal, antibacterial, fantastic product to have in an antifungal product because it’s got a broad-spectrum activity.

Berberine. Berberine is what we call an alkaloid or a chemical that comes from various kind of herbs. Berberis vulgaris, for example, I think they call it cranbark[?]. There’s Goldenseal. Beautiful Goldenseal from North America and Canada. Goldenseal contains Berberine. Goldenseal is a lovely yellow colored herb that the American Indians used to use for the color yellow. A very powerful antibiotic. It’s one of our most potent antibiotics in natural medicine is Berberine.

Clove. Clove has got particular types of extracts, oils in there that are a very powerful antifungal. So when you put all these things together and then put some nutrients in there, undecylenic acid, Caprylic acid, you’re going to have a killer product and I designed that product and I call it Canxida Remove. All those herbs are bunched in one slow release tablet that’s going to really kick butt and get rid of this yeast infection. So check out Canxida.com if you’re interested in one of the best antifungal remove products on the market.

Take my advice regarding those tips. Eat some raw garlic. Get some Pau d’Arco tea. Add some clove spice to your diet regularly. Use goldenseal here and there if you’ve got little infections. All these things work quite well.

Black walnut hull extract is a very powerful parasite product, in particular. When you partner it up with things like grapefruit seed extract and the garlic, it’s an incredibly powerful killer against a whole wide range of pathogens in the body and particularly parasites that are hard to kill or only taken out by some kind of pharmaceutical drug.

You don’t need drugs to get rid of bacteria or Candida. Using these herbs in your diet and taking a good antifungal, you’re going to eradicate just about everything in your gut that’s not really wanted there. So give all that advice a go. We’ll catch you in another video. Thanks for tuning in.

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