Candida Question #3 Can Yeast Infection Cause Or Possibly Increase Any Allergic Response?

Hello, welcome back to Candida Crusher again. Eric Bakker, Naturopathic Physician. FAQ No. 3. This is an FAQ from Marjorie in Connecticut, USA.

Marjorie’s email here states that she’s been suffering from food allergies and believes she has Candida and wants to know if there is a link.

Well, there certainly is, and in many cases of people with yeast infections, I have found they have a condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, which can predispose a person to food allergies.

Not everybody with Candida has Leaky Gut, but certainly many people with food allergies will have a leaky gut. And often leaky gut and Candida and food allergies all seem to belong to the same person, for want of a better word.

So how do you get rid of the allergic response? You get rid of the allergic response by improving the small intestine function. And a key way to do that is to reduce foods which contribute to dysbiosis, to start taking in foods and particular products which are particularly affective in eradicating yeast and bad bacteria, and also to reintroduce beneficial bacteria. But at the same time, understand the very important connection between stress and the gut.

And there’s quite an extensive section in Candida Crusher. I’ve written on this exact topic, which I think is often what I believe is one of the missing links in recovery from a yeast infection. So have a good look in my book and you can read all about leaky gut, food allergies, poor immunity, and particularly recovering from food allergies and how they’re linked up with the yeast infection.
Thank you.