Candida Question #20 Doctors Think I am Crazy And There Is No Such Thing As Candida

Unfortunately, this is the view of many conventional medical doctors that yeast infection is a lot of BS, it doesn’t exist and it’s basically just imagination of the patient. This is something I’ve struggled with now for over two decades with many GPs. Some doctors, in fact, don’t even believe that men can have yeast infections because they haven’t got a vagina. Hard to believe but true.

Many enlightened doctors do believe that yeast infections exist. My good friend, Dr. James Wilson, also struggled for many years to get doctors to believe that adrenal fatigue actually exists, which it does.

Conditions like yeast infections and adrenal fatigue are what we call syndromes. Syndromes are quite hard to define because they can involve many different signs and symptoms covering all different systems of the patient. You must remember that medical doctors like to treat symptoms. They don’t really like to treat syndromes. It’s more profitable to treat a symptom. It’s easier to treat a symptom. It’s easy to diagnose a symptom. And for these and many other reasons, doctors prefer to treat symptoms.

A few years ago I was in Sydney, Australia at a medical clinic, where I saw an interesting sign hanging up, please present with only one symptom today, which shows you how ridiculous some medical clinics are.

So your best bet is to seek out a doctor who has had natural training. We call them functional medicine doctors. These are doctors who have had conventional training and natural medicine in addition. You’ll probably get a better strike rate with a doctor like that or perhaps a naturopathic doctor will give you a fair hearing when you start complaining of signs and symptoms of a yeast infection.

So this is the view of many conventional doctors, but don’t be dismayed just because you’ve been told it’s all in your head, it may, in fact, be all in your digestive system. So you’re not depressed or anxious or imagining things. And when I had a yeast infection when I was 26, I was told to see a psychiatrist. So that was 26 years ago now and that view unfortunately is still held today.

So seek out a natural medicine doctor. You’ll find them through associations or go and see a naturopathic doctor.

I hope that answers your question. Thank you.