Candida Question #23 Does Diet Have Any Connection With Yeast Infections?

Yes, it certainly does. Diet plays a critical role in yeast infections, both in getting a yeast infection and recovering from a yeast infection. So an aptly described term, garbage in/garbage out, is quite a good one to use with Candida.

If your diet is full of junk food, caffeine, sugar, soda drinks, ice cream, and take-out foods, for example, you’ll be putting your body in a high-risk category for a yeast infection, particularly if you’re under high stress. And of course people under high stress eating a convenient junk diet are more prone to infection, which may incur an antibiotic and again that will plunge you into a very high risk for a yeast infection. Certainly eating a very healthy, nutritious diet reduces your risk of a yeast infection.

The best diet, in my opinion, are the ones which contain a wide variety of very healthy fresh foods, including fermented and cultured food, sea vegetables, high-class proteins, and plenty of fresh produce. These are the ones which lower your risk and also feed your body with the right nutrients you need to sustain outstanding health.

So diet certainly has a lot to do with a yeast infection. I hope that answers your question.

Thank you.