Candida Question #17 How Is Candida Crusher Program Different From Others I Have Tried?

How do I know that your program is any different from any other program I’ve tried before? I’ve tried hundreds of programs. I’ve tried dozens of products. How do I know that your program’s going to be any better? It’s probably just another one of these rehashed versions from something else I’ve read or found online.

Well I can tell you now that’s not the case with Candida Crusher. I spent a long time researching and working out the best protocols for my patients, and I believe the best way to get rid of your yeast infection is by what I call test and measure. You need to put a good protocol into place and then measure its effectiveness.

So what I’ve done for you. I’ve come up with two ideas. I’ve created the Candida test tracker, so I’d like you to work out your most commonly found signs and symptoms, the common symptoms you have on a day-to-day basis, put them down in a column, and then track them over a four-month period in terms of their severity. You’ll find all this in the Candida Crusher book. A very good explanation of the symptom tracker.

I’ve also come up with a home test tracker. There are eight different home tests in my book and you can perform most of these at home with no charge at all. And again, if you track them over four months, you can actually work out how your Candida is going over a 16-week period. And if you’re doing things properly, you should notice a reduction in the severity of your complaints. You may notice an initial increase in severity and then you will notice a decrease. This is quite common, particularly in the first three to four weeks. But as you improve, you should notice a reduction in the severity of your complaints. Some complaints will disappear, but many will go down across the board. And for these two reasons, I believe the test and measure reasons are a very valid point for you to have a serious think about my Candida Crusher book.

It’s helped many patients and I’m sure it can help you, too. So go to and check out the book and have a think about it. This is not an ordinary program. This program’s been used for 25 years involving over 15,000 patients, and a big part of the reason why this program works is because of the test and measure.

Thank you.