Candida Question #24 Is a yeast infection possible while breastfeeding and what are the best ways to tackle a yeast infection if I am breastfeeding?

Well, you can still breastfeed. It shouldn’t make any difference at all if you’re going to breastfeed and you do have a yeast infection, and it certainly shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop breastfeeding either. A good advice for you is to include plenty of the foods which have an anti-fungal effect, including garlic, coconut, oregano products, these are all anti-fungal. I don’t like women taking antibiotics when breastfeeding. It can have quite a serious effect on the child. You can pass the drug through the breast milk and create a lot of gut issues and leaky gut and food allergies in the baby, and I’ve seen this on numerous occasions. So please refrain from antibiotics when breastfeeding. You’ll just aggravate the baby and make it a lot worse for yourself.

So it’s best to tackle quite a strong kill and dietary program when you’re not breastfeeding, but you can still maintain breastfeeding, have the right kind of foods, which reduce the yeast population, but you’ll need to be careful taking certain dietary supplements when breastfeeding. And if in doubt, just ask your naturopathic physician. He certainly should be able to help you.

Some good breastfeeding foods include: tahini, avocado, flax seed oil is another good one, Omega-3, so high-fat foods are quite good, they’re very nourishing for the baby and help to calm and relax the child. High protein foods are good as well. I can’t see any reason why you should abstain from chili or garlic. Many people say not to have cabbage. These foods cause bloating and gas in a baby, but I’ve not really seen that to be a problem. Alcohol is obviously not a good idea, but just beware of those antibiotics. They’re not really a good idea if you’re breastfeeding.

So, yes it is possible to breastfeed when you have a yeast infection.