Candida Question #11 Can Bladder Infection Cause Yeast Infection or Not?

Well, it’s not really likely that a bladder infection, which is generally bacterial, will cause a yeast infection, which is usually fungal. They can occur simultaneously, though. And a bladder infection may predispose you towards an immune weakness, which would increase your susceptibility to a vaginal yeast infection. So it could be indirectly linked to it. It certainly could, and I certainly have seen females with a bladder infection and a vaginal yeast infection occurring at the same time. Quite painful and uncomfortable and I’ve certainly seen it.

Having a bladder infection may make you take an antibiotic like Trimethoprim for example or another antibiotic for several days, which can increase your susceptibility to getting a vaginal yeast infection, so that’s how it can be linked up.

I’m going to do other videos on bladder infections, so when you have a bladder infection drink plenty of water and look at my other information you’ll find in my book, Candida Crusher regarding bladder infections. There are some good hints and tips in the book, and you’ll find some more videos on what to do for bacterial infections involving the bladder in particular.

So, I hope that answers your question. Thanks for your question.