Signs and symptoms of male yeast infection

For the question here today, which I get asked from time to time, what are the symptoms of yeast infection in men? So how do men experience a yeast infection?

Well, there are many ways I can answer this question, but I’m assuming you’re talking about a yeast infection that affects the groin, the penis, the scrotal area, the inner thigh, maybe the anus or the rectal region. One of the key symptoms I see is itching. Itching, redness, scratching the skin, these are all key symptoms of male yeast infection.

Look carefully at the kind of lifestyle you’re leading because it can contribute to the building up of these symptoms. You can get on top of this condition. It’s going to take you anywhere between three to six months to get rid of it, especially if you’ve had it for a long time. Also look for a yeast infection that has spread to other areas of your body. Perhaps the toenails, you could have itching around the ears, itching of the scalp. You can have skin rashes. These are all common things. Other things, there’s a lot of burping, bloating. I see this quite a lot in guys, strong sugar cravings, but the itching is the big one, a low grade itching.

You can also sometimes get a skin scraping done by the doctor to determine if it is a particular type of a yeast infection. Doctor might give you some cream. Not a good idea just to use the cream because you need to really look at a holistic treatment program to get rid of this. Don’t just consider external treatment. You need to do internal treatment as well, and you can hear all about that on other videos.

Thanks for tuning into my video.