Review of Threelac Probiotic

Thank you for tuning into this video today. Today I’d like to do a little bit of a review on a product called ThreeLac. A product which is quite popular. It’s become very popularized, particularly in the US, in the last five years for the treatment and eradication of Candida yeast infection.

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I’m not going to spend a great deal of time on ThreeLac, but what I am going to tell you is going to be quite important if you’re considering buying this product or have used this product. It might make a lot of sense, and my comments and opinions are purely based on my clinical experience spanning over 25 years.

As you can imagine because I specialize in yeast infection, I’ve used every kind of product on the market that I could find, including ThreeLac, FiveLac, many different types of products. I’m not going to go into a whole bunch of technical jargon on why this particular bacterial strain with this particular research shows this particular outcome. I think a lot of that might be good for academics, but when it comes to the clinic, I think it’s all bologna. It doesn’t make any difference what any kind of research shows. To me, all the nonsense stops in the clinic. So when you use a product on a patient consistently and get a consistently good outcome, that’s what matters to me. Not what some Harvard University shows or what some testimonial shows. That’s all bologna to me.

Let’s first have a look at this product and I’ll give you a couple of my critiques on why I don’t think this is a really viable product whatsoever for a yeast infection. It contains a couple of sugars in it, which immediately to me rings alarm bells. Now some experts out there will look at this and say, “This Mr. Bakker guy is stupid. He’s gone too far because the sugars that are used in ThreeLac are quite safe. They don’t feed yeast infection.”

Well, I don’t believe that’s the case. Cyclodextrin and erythritol, and really erythritol, it’s a particular type of sugar that’s used in things like confectionary. It was discovered in the 1840s. It’s found in this particular type of sugar, particularly the erythritol is found in fruits, so it’s extracted out of these foods. It’s also chemically made. I don’t really like any kind of yeast infection product where sugars are put in there to flavor the powder. So ThreeLac are sachets, basically, I think you get about 60 sachets in a box. So you tear open a sachet and you mix it in with water and drink that.

This product also contains some dried lemon juice powder and goodness gracious it even contains Canola oil. Why would you want to consume Canola oil? So lemon juice powder, Canola oil, it’s got three different types of bacteria in here which are probably reasonably useful. But there’s no lactobacillus acidophilus in here, which I’m really at a loss. They also put fructooligosaccharides in here, which is in my mind, not a good move. When you’re putting a saccharide and other kinds of sugars like dextrins in with a yeast infection product, I think it’s quite dumb. Because you’re not only potentially creating a problem where you’re feeding Candida, you’re also feeding bacteria in there. We know that FOS, for example, feeds certain types of bacteria like Klebsiella, so I don’t like this at all.

I have certainly conducted stool testing on patients after they’ve taken ThreeLac and found no benefit at all of them taking this product. I’ve had hundreds of patients on ThreeLac over the years and you want my perfect honest opinion? I think this product gets the thumbs down from me. I don’t really see the benefit except for you spending lots and lots of your hard-earned cash on boxes of this sweet tasting product.

I used it in the clinic for about four years non-stop and I gave it a very good trial. And in that four-year period, to be honest, I had one patient come back and say that she felt fantastic on it. But all the patients who spent money on this product gave me bad feedback on it. I had patients with headaches, increasing brain fog, worsening diarrhea. I didn’t really see the turnaround, so I stopped using it. When I consistently get bad feedback from people, I stop using it.

Now I’ve printed off reams and reams of paper on the internet of all these people with so-called good testimonials on this product. Well, you know what? A lot of these people who put these testimonials up on websites are not clinicians like me. They don’t actually see patients. They just peddle supplements. They sell products. Half of these testimonials are fake or sham. I don’t even believe them.

You make up your own mind, but if you want to buy a product that’s going to help eradicate Candida yeast infection, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to look at your diet and lifestyle. This is number one.

ThreeLac even mentioned on their website when you look at people marketing this product, you don’t even need to worry about diet they say. This product will gobble up and eat Candida. When you hear people talking about diet’s irrelevance with eradication of Candida, you turn and walk the other way. Diet is everything. Lifestyle is everything. Unless you’ve got those two things nailed, you’re wasting your time even looking at a product.

So that’s my expert opinion. Thanks for tuning in today.

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