Why Did Eric Bakker Want To Write This Book?

Eric Bakker wanted to write this book because he wanted to be able to place a comprehensive book about yeast infections in the hands of a person who has suffered from a yeast infection for a considerable amount of time with little or only partial relief, in spite of perhaps seeing a doctor or naturopath, or spending lots of money on home treatments and dietary supplements or after following online advice. Dr. Bakker wanted the book to positively inspire a person with a yeast infection and give them the all the tools they need for recovery. Candida Crusher was also written as a motivational yeast infection recovery guide, inspiring those with a yeast infection to not only believe that by following the right principles their ability to fully recovery is not only possible, but highly likely if they follow clearly defined principles outline in detail in the book and stick with treatment.

In addition, Dr. Bakker also wanted Candida Crusher to be a candida yeast infection recovery guide for doctors, naturopaths and allied health-care professionals, particularly those who don’t specialize in candida yeast infections or digestive problems, but who do see patients with acute and chronic yeast infections and are looking for an effective solution.