Is This Program Expensive?

The Candida Crusher program shouldn’t cost much money, I generally tell people to expect to pay between three to seven dollars a day on average for dietary supplements, but this will lessen a great deal as time goes by, particularly after the first two to three months. In time you should not have to spend much at on dietary supplements, although I do recommend a good multi vitamin (like the Candida Crusher Multi) and a good Omega 3 long term, taken in a low dose.

The thing to bear in mind is that you will actually be saving money by making dietary changes; you will be eating in more and out less. This can represent a significant cost saving for many people. Just work out how much you will save if you stop buying take-out foods for a few months, stop buying alcohol, deserts, ice cream, coffee, and any sweet treats like chocolate. It is amazing how people view a health program designed to optimize their health and well-being as being costly, when in fact it is the lifestyle contributing to their health challenges which is actually the costly factor, a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer or a take-out meal. And more so, it is more likely that the continuation of these poor health habits that may one day prove to be partly responsible for the development of a disease of such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Did you know that most people spend more money in the last three months of their life trying to prolong their life, than they do in their entire life on health-care? Please don’t view a few dollars a day spent right now on preventive health-care as being “wasteful”. See it rather as in investment in your healthy future, an insurance policy against premature chronic disease.