How Do I Know If I Have Candida?

You will know if you have a yeast infection or not by taking a look at chapter 3 in Candida Crusher entitled: “Diagnosing, Identifying & Testing for Candida Yeast Infections”. In this chapter you will find an extensive list of all the common and not so common signs and symptoms you are likely to encounter if you have a yeast infection. I’ve also designed one the Internet’s most comprehensive and accurate online yeast infection surveys to complete, whether you are a man, woman or for you to complete on your child’s behalf. The results will be sent to you quickly and you will soon know whether you have a mild, moderate or severe score. Just go to the home page of

One of the most accurate and valuable tests for detecting a yeast infection in my opinion is the stool analysis ( CDSA), but it is best that you seek special interpretation by a trained practitioner to recognize and treat yeast infections based on these results. You can also try my eight different home tests I’ve outlined in detail in chapter 3 of Candida Crusher, most of these tests can be completed for free in the comfort of your own home.