Has There Been Clinical Research Done On The Candida Crusher Program?

It all depends what you define as “clinical” research. I have spent twenty-five years in the clinic and treated tens of thousands of patients from all walks of life, all ages and from almost thirty different countries with many different kinds of conditions. My speciality however has been in candida yeast infection patients, and I have seen over 15,000 patients with just about every kind of yeast infection presentation. Most of my research has come about through trial and error.

There will be no doubt those who read Candida Crusher and pass off my information as “unscientific” and “anecdotal”, because much of my information is based on patient’s case histories and my own extensive clinical experience. In defense I would like to quote what a professor of medicine has to say:

“Clinical experience is the gold standard on which patient care should be based”. Gene H. Stollerman, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine.