My white tongue won’t go away. What can I do?

Thanks for checking out this video today. I’ve got a question here from a lady in Sydney, Australia. Eric, please help me. My white tongue won’t go away. What can I do?

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If you’ve got a problem with your tongue, a discoloration of the tongue, it means your digestive system is not happy and you need to clearly make some changes. Let’s give you a couple of tips on things you can do to get your tongue back to a nice pink color again and get rid of that awful white color.

There are different stages of discoloration of the tongue. You’ll notice initially with the digestive system not functioning well, there could be small telltale signs like a little bit of gas, some gurgling sounds. There could be some burping. There could be flatulence. We all have these from time to time, but as the digestive system starts really going downhill, you’ll notice these become a more common occurrence. They’ll be more gas production. There could be some bad breath coming from the mouth. You wake up in the morning; you could be quite stinky from the mouth. You could have a lot of body odor. There can be lots of signs like that going on.

Look at the bowel motions. These will be a good indication of the digestive health as well. Are they formed? Are they loose? What’s the texture? What’s the color? It’ll give you an idea. And the urine, as well, is a very offensive urine, especially first thing in the morning. Is it dark or discolored? These are all signs of poor liver function, poor digestive function, and internal toxemia or problems with toxins pooling up in the body.

One way I recommend you remedy this, obviously, is to initially look at what you’re eating. Look at how you’re eating. Look at what times you’re eating. Are you eating the right foods for you? Are you eating too much food? Are you eating at weird times of the day? Are you not chewing properly and slowing down, taking your time eating food? These are all key things you need to factor in to remedy the white tongue.

Obviously, a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits and lean proteins is what you want to go for. Chew food more slowly and take your time when you eat away from things like computers or TVs. Taking some digestive enzymes temporarily for the first maybe two or three months is quite a wise move. Some people say brushing your tongue works quite well. That’s worth a try. Brushing the tongue lightly.

On previous videos, I’ve explained the different regions of the tongue and the parts of the digestive system that they represent. The common part of the tongue to be white will be the central part. I’ll actually draw it on a diagram for you so you can understand what I’m talking about. The central part and the rear of the tongue. These three crosses here represent the central part of the tongue. If that area is quite white in there, I think you’ve got a problem really with small intestinal bowel overgrowth, especially the duodenum, as the American’s say, or the duodenum. The initial part of the small bowel probably needs a bit of improvement. There could be some leaky gut syndrome going on there. You might need to change the kind of foods you eat and move away to a much more fresh diet.

If you look at the big cross at the back there, a discoloration here at the back, this is going to represent more the colon or further down the bowel. And that’s often involved with a lot of gas. If you’ve got yellow or white coating in the back of the tongue, I’m going to also suggest digestive enzymes, particularly ones high in betaine hydrochloride and pepsin. So you really want to improve the stomach function to improve what’s happening much further down.

Pancreatic enzymes and also enzymes involving ox bile, I believe, are really good for the small intestine because they improve the pancreatic function and the stomach function a little bit more.

Discoloration of the tongue you can get rid of in three to four months completely with attention to hygiene, more water, no alcohol, no sugars, lots of fresh foods in the diet, preferably home cooked meals, steamed vegetables, stir fry foods, lean proteins, good quality proteins like eggs and fish. These things are going to get rid of the white colored tongue and then you’re going to look all pretty all over again.

Thanks for your inquiry and I hope that answers your question.

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