Is soda drinks cause of my yeast infection?

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher, with another question. A question I get asked from time to time.

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Eric, I eat a lot of sugar. I’m addicted to sugar. I’m addicted to soda drinks. Could these be causing my yeast infection?

Well, the very fact that you’ve got suspicion makes me think that you probably know it is causing a problem. I’ve often said that the foods and drinks that cause the most problems with people are the ones they’ve got the strongest relationships to. So if you have an addiction, whether it is chocolate, bread, soda, whatever, a choky bar, Twinkies; it could be one particular food that’s right in your way of recovery. Then that is your problem food. It doesn’t matter how much you eat, it’s the fact that you’ve got an addiction to this food.

I’ve written in my book in great detail about food and addictions, so I want you to think carefully about the foods that you’re addicted to the most or that you have a strong relationship with or you like to eat, because these are the foods that are going to create you the most problem.

So it could be apples. I’ve got one patient that eats five or six apples a day. That’s a problem. So when you think about food, it’s a little bit like alcohol. It’s not how much alcohol you drink that determines if you’re an alcoholic. It’s your relationship to alcohol. If you start thinking about wanting that drink at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon every day, that’s a problem. It’s the addiction, and the addictions need to be treated.

I talk a lot about eating for emotional comfort and addictions, and these things need to be fixed up because they are often underpinning your yeast infection. But they can also underpin your high blood pressure, your propensity towards developing diabetes or many other diseases. So we’re not just talking yeast infection here, we’re talking a whole lot of chronic ill health that you can avoid by getting on top of this particular addiction.

So, I eat a lot of sugar, I’m addicted to it. Can this be causing my infection? Of course it can be, and these are the things that need fixing up. Not how many pills can you take to eradicate your yeast infection, how many probiotics can you take, what are the best foods to eat, forget all that bologna. You need to get to the bottom of your yeast infection. And if it’s an addiction, this is what needs treating.

So I hope I’ve answered your question. Thanks for the question.

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