Is Quinoa Safe for Candida Diet

Greetings. It’s New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. I’m the author of a book called Candida Crusher and also the creator of this YouTube channel called Candida Crusher. Thanks so much for checking out my video. I’ve done quite a lot of videos on different types of seeds, grains and nuts on this channel. Although I don’t think I’ve spoken much about quinoa.

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Quinoa is a kind of a seed. It’s not really a grain. About 90 percent plus of the world’s production of this really nice seed comes from Bolivia and Peru in South America. In fact, an incredible amount of tonnage is coming out of those two countries. There is an increasing awareness of this particular type of a seed that many people are starting to eat in the western world.

This isn’t a new food at all. It’s been around in South America probably for a couple thousand years. Many people have eaten this kind of a seed for a long, long period of time. They’ve made flours and breads out of it. They’ve cooked in different kinds of savory and sweet dishes. There are many different ways you can eat it. There is no doubt it is a really good food to eat whether you have a yeast infection or not. It’s gluten free. Not that I really think that that makes a big difference when you’ve got a yeast infection. I quite like it cooked in chicken stock, so I’ll often make up a very nice beef or chicken stock and then drain some of that out and then use that stock to actually cook grains like brown rice or quinoa.

Quinoa is very nice cooked in a chicken stock and I often have it as a side serve or cook it and then mix it in with a salad with different greens and put some walnuts or some other kind of seeds like pumpkin or sunflower seeds through that. You can bake it. You can make a bread out of the flour. There are a lot of different things you can do with quinoa. You can even make little patties or cakes out of it or croquette things out of it. There are lots and lots of recipes on the internet on what to do with this beautiful seed.

You can get black quinoa. You can get a golden colored one. You can get a red one. There are different types you can get. When I went to Anaheim this year to Expo West, a very big nutritional expo, I couldn’t believe how many people I saw there from South America that were selling different types of quinoa. So it’s becoming a very big popular food in the western world. And so it should be.

It’s a very healthy food to eat. It’s also got traces of Omega 3 in it, I just discovered, alpha linoleic acid, so small amounts of Omega 3. It is very high in lysine, which is great, because that inhibits the viral replication of herpes viruses, so for cold sores and genital herpes. It’s very good for inhibition of those kinds of viral problems. It’s actually very good for the immune system because there are different studies that are showing it’s got a good anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant aspects about it. It’s high in manganese and zinc and copper and potassium and molybdenum and a lot of the trace elements that are hard to get from certain types of foods.

I totally endorse quinoa. I think it’s a great food to eat. And I think you should just buy a small amount and just try to add it into your diet. Try to cook it in the chicken stock. It’s quite a good tip. One of my patients told me about that a few years ago. Since I’ve done that, I found it to have a delicious flavor about it. Of course, you can just cook it in plain water.

Quinoa does contain stuff called saponins that can give it a foamy, soapy, bitter kind of a taste. Some people say rinse it under water and rub the grains a bit together under cold water and rinse them to clear a bit of the bitterness off of them. I’ve not really found it to be a problem, but again it could depend on the type of quinoa that you buy. Definitely get a good quality one from your health food store. Look out for some good recipes on the internet and experiment with it. It’s a great food for a Candida yeast infection. I highly recommend that you include a little bit of this into your diet. Start small. If you haven’t eaten it before, don’t start with large amounts every day. Just include it in your diet alongside other kinds of grains and seeds. I think you’ll go quite well.

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