Is oxygen therapy good for candida treatment?

Thank you for checking my video out. I’ve got a question this time from a medical doctor, Dr. Chris Shearer from South Australia. And Chris is asking me, Eric, could you please explain the use of oxygen therapies or oxygen dietary supplements, in particular, for the use of eradicating Candida?

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Thanks for this question, Chris. Interesting thing is I used an oxygen therapy product from a company called Global Health Tracks in the U.S. several years ago, many years ago now, in fact, hearing that it was “super” for Candida and it was going to be fantastic. So it’s a liquid product containing basically ionic minerals, various colloidal minerals, amino acids, various other things. I think there was hydrogen sulfide in there or something like that, some compound. It did nothing. It was just a waste of money for my clients like a lot of these sham products, to be quite honest.

Having specialized in Candida now for coming up 30 years, I’ve tried every single product on the market, thousands of products. Some products work incredibly well. Some products work average, and some are just complete crap! And I think this is one of these crap products. Absolute bullshit. Don’t fall for it, folks. Especially, if something makes wonderful claims and the person who’s marketing it comes up with these amazing testimonials.

I’ve never used testimonials for my products that I developed. If you want testimonials, come to my clinic. I can show you a folder with thousands of testimonials in it from emails and letters from patients. I don’t need to broadcast them all over the internet. I’m not interested in that. It’s clinical experience that counts. When you use a product repeatedly and repeatedly and you’re getting amazing results continually with the product and patients are going to tell you that, you know that you’re onto something. But when you’re going to use a product and you get no feedback from people or you never see the client again or you ring them up and they say, “Look. I’m still the same. Nothing’s happened.” And you hear this from dozens of people, you know that the product’s usually worthless. And I believe this is one of these worthless expensive products that’s probably not really going to make a difference with the majority of people who take it.

I don’t care what the manufacturers say. It’s what happens in the clinic that counts to me. When someone spends their hard-earned dollars on a product, they want to get a measurable result. And in these cases, I’ve never found measurable results occurring from these oxygen therapies. If you want to oxygenate the body, talk to a Buteyko practitioner. Talk to someone who can show you how to breathe properly. Most people can’t even breathe properly. They just breathe with the upper third part of their lung. They hyperventilate. They’ve got an imbalance in oxygen and carbon dioxide. Breathing properly. Slow belly breathing. This is oxygenating the body. Having proper hydration. Drinking sufficient water. This is oxygenating the body. Having sufficient red blood cells. Plenty of iron in your body. This is oxygenating the body. Now you’re talking chemistry and medicine. You’re not talking scams.

Products that supposedly help your body carry more oxygen are a load of crap. Learn how to breathe properly. Drink sufficient water. Improve your digestion. Eat the right kind of foods and exercise regularly. Optimize your health, basically, because this is how you’re going to carry more oxygen through your body. Common sense? It is to me.

So I hope that answers your question, Chris, about the oxygenation. Thanks for the question. Thank you.

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