Is it safe to undertake a Candida cleansing diet?

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The question today is from John in Florida. Is a Candida cleanse safe? Is it safe to undertake a Candida cleansing diet?

I’ve just spent a little bit of time online looking at various websites, for example, the Mayo Clinic in America where they believe that Candida doesn’t even exist. They believe that if anyone just takes white flour and these foods out of their diet, they’re going to feel better.

Well, Candida does exist. And how do we know that? Do we need all these double-blind placebo controlled studies to show us that people feel better when we treat them with diet and lifestyle? I don’t think we do. I think it’s a load of bologna that everything has to be scientifically proven all the time before it’s considered to be a valid treatment.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of patients who’ve come to me over the years with yeast infections and when we make the necessary changes, everything improves. It’s significant how these people can improve, and so many of their signs and symptoms and impairments just disappear. The improvement in their life is phenomenal in so many cases. To me, that’s empirical observation. Call it “placebo effect.” Call it what you want. The Candida diet is extremely safe. And, in fact, it can be used by children, by elderly people, by people in any stage of their life with any kind of an ailment because it doesn’t contraindicate healthy eating and healthy living.

If you follow the rules of nature and eat and live like this, you’re not only going to eradicate Candida, you’re going to prevent a lot of diseases from happening. We call it diseases of the modern civilization like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, the three main killers besides pharmaceutical medicine which is, I think, the second or third leading killer in America currently. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. It’s easy for the Mayo Clinic to slam the kind of treatments that I do because, in fact, they have their hands full of potentially iatrogenic disease themselves or drug-induced death and morbidity from treating people.

The thing with natural medicine is there’s not a lot of profit in it. There’s a lot of healing, a lot of wellness in it, but we don’t like hooking people up to pharmaceutical medications for 20, 30, 40 years. We don’t believe in symptomatic treatment. We believe in people making the necessary changes to improve their health, to eradicate conditions, to allow the body’s innate healing response to come to the foreground.

When you think about that, how can it be dangerous to recommend a healthy lifestyle and diet for people? Of course, it’s safe. A Candida cleanse is perfectly safe. Don’t follow some hair-brained schemes online that some people talk about. The lemonade detox diet, for example, ridiculous. The jelly bean diet. I’m not even a big fan of these Paleo kind of diets, large amounts of protein for people.

Diet is a really ridiculous term. I think people undertake a diet so they can get to a point where they want then they can go back to what they were doing in the first place, which is usually dietary offenses, drinking too much, not exercising enough, eating the wrong kind of food. And then, of course, when they gain weight or get sick, they go on a diet again.

These yo-yo events in life are dangerous. These are things you want to avoid. All these crash weight loss programs. All these YouTube clips about pumping up, getting a six-pack abs and all these sort of things. These are all ridiculous. It’s all about moderation in life.

If you follow my Candida Crusher diet, it’s a safe approach. It’s a natural approach and it’s a healthy approach, and there’s no danger involved at all. It’s all common sense. But remember, common sense isn’t very common today; that’s the problem.

I hope that answers your question, is the Candida cleanse safe? It is safe. It doesn’t contradict the natural laws as I mentioned before. It supports these kind of laws. You can read a lot more about what I believe to be an effective cleansing approach on

I hope that answers your question. Thank you for tuning in.

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