Is a sore throat a sign of Candida die off?

I’ve got a question today asked by a lady in America. Is a sore throat a sign of Candida die off?

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There could be many different signs of Candida die off. A sore throat to me generally means an increase in your susceptibility toward immune dysfunction. And we find that typically with people who’ve had any kind of stress in their life. As soon as a person has had stress, even small amounts of stress, it causes an easing up of the white blood cells. With very high stress, it causes an almost complete disappearance of white blood cells. And one of the key areas to get affected when a person starts to become unwell is the throat region. It’s a very easy area for bacteria to affect, and it’s one of the main portals of entry into the body is the throat, the mouth, particularly the throat area.

If you’ve got a sore throat when you wake up, if you examine what happened the day before, two days before, you’ll usually see there was some kind of stress like being outside in the cold air. It could be an environmental stress. It could be an emotional stress and often, there will be some kind of nutritional deficiency underpinning it like insufficient zinc in the body or iron or Vitamin C.

It’ll be a couple of factors combined that contribute to the sore throat. I don’t generally see sore throats as detox reactions or Candida die off reactions. I would see them more as increased susceptibility and lower resistance. And this can commonly occur as part of Candida treatment. It’s not uncommon for a person to get a little bit stressed out or tired or irritable or have other issues as a result of the Candida treatment. And this itself can help to bring a sore throat on.

First thing you do with sore throats is you start taking dairy products out of the diet immediately, milk, cheese, and things like that. Gargle with a bit of sea salt in water is often a good idea. Put one or two drops of tea tree oil in the water for a gargle in the morning that will help you quite well. The big thing with sore throats is you need a lot of rest. Plenty of rest. And if there’s any congestion, you need to treat that as well.

I hope that answers your question about sore throats and die off. I don’t really think there’s a strong connection with them both.

Thank you.

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